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sol9502: BIG-IP hotfix matrix

Original Publication Date: 12/11/2008
Updated Date: 10/30/2015

The following table lists the latest hotfix information for corresponding BIG-IP and BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) releases. The hotfixes are available for download on the F5 Downloads site, or by clicking the links in the Latest Hotfix column in the following table.

BIG-IP Release Latest Hotfix Article
12.0.0 None Not Applicable
11.6.0 Hotfix-BIGIP- SOL15659
11.5.3 Hotfix-BIGIP- SOL16805
11.5.2 Hotfix-BIGIP- SOL16361
11.5.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-
11.5.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-
11.4.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.4.1-685.0-HF9 SOL14835
11.4.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.4.0-2464.0-HF10 SOL14479
11.3.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.3.0-3164.0-HF10 SOL14175
11.2.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.2.1-1323.0-HF15
11.2.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.2.0-2805.0-HF7 SOL13668
11.1.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.1.0-2481.0-HF10 SOL13343
11.0.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.0.0-8156.0-HF5 SOL13175
10.2.4 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.2.4-866.0-HF12
10.2.3 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.2.3-123.0-HF1 SOL13344
10.2.2 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.2.2-969.0-HF4
10.2.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.2.1-511.0-HF3
10.2.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.2.0-1789.0-HF2 SOL12188
10.1.0 HotFix-BIGIP-10.1.0-3402.0-HF2 SOL11790
10.0.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.0.1-402.7-HF4 SOL11232
10.0.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.0.0-5519.0-HF3 SOL10495
9.6.1 None* SOL9963
9.4.8 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.4.8-429.0-HF6
9.4.7 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.4.7-330.0-HF2 SOL10494
9.4.6 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.4.6-425.0-HF3 SOL10492
9.4.5 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.4.5-1091.0-HF3 SOL10489
9.4.4 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.4.4-94.0-HF3 SOL9092
9.4.3 Hotfix-BIG-IP-9.4.3-HF4 SOL9505
9.4.2 None Not Applicable
9.4.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.4.1-HF2 SOL9510
9.4.0 Hotfix-BIG-IP-9.4.0-HF4 SOL7839 
9.3.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.3.1-81.1-HF8 SOL10850
9.3.0 Hotfix-BIG-IP-9.3.0-HF3 SOL9519
9.1.3 Hotfix-BIG-IP-9.1.3-HF1 SOL8286
9.1.2 SOL7672
9.1.1 Hotfix-cr69440 Not Applicable

*BIG-IP 9.6.1 hotfixes are no longer available on the F5 Downloads site. For information about requesting 9.6.1 hotfixes, contact F5 Technical Support.

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