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sol5915: Error Message: SubDomain: REJECTING r access
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Original Publication Date: 05/16/2007
Updated Date: 07/25/2016


Daemons that are protected by SubDomain have a profile that outlines the operations that the daemon will be allowed to perform.

If a protected daemon attempts to perform an operation that is not allowed, the operation is blocked by the Linux kernel, and a message that appears similar to the follwing example is logged to the /var/log/messages directory:

SubDomain: REJECTING r access to /proc/cmdline (mcpd(839) profile /bin/mcpd active /bin/mcpd)

This message indicates the SubDomain Linux kernel module has blocked a daemon from performing an invalid operation.

For more information, refer to SOL5436: Description of the SubDomain Linux kernel module.

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