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sol14763: End of Sale announcement for BIG-IP Protocol Security Module

Original Publication Date: 11/01/2013
Updated Date: 11/10/2016

Policy Information

F5 is announcing the End of Sale (EoS) of the BIG-IP Protocol Security Module (PSM), effective November 1, 2014. PSM functionality is currently available in BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) and the BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM). BIG-IP AFM’s native feature set includes protocol enforcement for SMTP and FTP, while BIG-IP ASM supports enforcement of the HTTP protocol. PSM customers are encouraged to transition to BIG-IP ASM and/or BIG-IP AFM for the functionality they rely upon in BIG-IP PSM. F5 is providing advance product notification to existing customers and partners announcing the intent to retire the associated products.

Table 1: PSM Products and SKUs Affected

Product NameSKUEnd of Sale (EoS)End of Software Development (EoSD)End of Support Contract Renewal (EoSCR)End of Technical Support (EoTS)
BIG-IP Add on: Protocol Security Manager for 4000 LicenseF5-ADD-BIG-PSM-400011/1/201411/1/201411/1/201511/1/2016
BIG-IP Add On  Amazon Web ServicesF5-ADD-BIG-PSM-AWS11/1/201411/1/201411/1/201511/1/2016
BIG-IP Virtual Edition Add-on: Protocol Security Manager LicenseF5-ADD-BIG-PSM-VE11/1/201411/1/201411/1/201511/1/2016
VIPRION Add on: Protocol Security Manager, Application Security Manager LicenseF5-ADD-VPR-PSM-ASM11/1/201411/1/201411/1/201511/1/2016
VIPRION Add-on: Protocol Security Manager Base License (C2400 Platform)F5-ADD-VPRPSM-C2400B11/1/201411/1/201411/1/201511/1/2016
VIPRION Add-on: Protocol Security Manager Base License (C4400 Platform)F5-ADD-VPR-PSM-C4400B11/1/201411/1/201411/1/201511/1/2016
BIG-IP Add on: Protocol Security Manager License (1600/3600/3900/6900/8900 Platforms)F5-ADD-BIG-PSM11/1/201411/1/201411/1/201511/1/2016
BIG-IP Add on: Protocol Security Manager for 1600 LicenseF5-ADD-BIG-PSM-160011/1/201411/1/201411/1/201511/1/2016
BIG-IP Add on: Protocol Security Manager, Application Security Manager LicenseF5-ADD-BIG-PSM-ASM11/1/201411/1/201411/1/201511/1/2016
VIPRION Add on: PSM  Base LicenseF5-ADD-VPR-PSM11/1/201411/1/201411/1/201511/1/2016

Note: The name Protocol Security Manager listed in table 1 is a part number reference to the Protocol Security Module.

Transition Options

F5 recommends that customers using BIG-IP PSM migrate to BIG-IP ASM and/or BIG-IP AFM for the same functionality offered in BIG-IP PSM today. BIG-IP ASM is a certified web application firewall that protects critical business applications. BIG-IP AFM provides a high-performing full proxy network firewall designed to guard the data center against incoming threats that enter the network. Contact your F5 reseller for more information on transitioning from BIG-IP PSM to BIG-IP ASM and/or BIG-IP AFM.

Technical Support

F5 maintains generous lifecycle policies that allow customers to enjoy many years of both support and new software releases. Customers whose platforms are designated EoL and who are currently under maintenance contracts will continue to receive technical support until the expiration of the service contract renewal date. Customers are encouraged to upgrade their systems before the Service Contract Renewal date expires.

After the EoSd date, 1-November-2014, F5 will not be able to provide software fixes for any technical issues and F5 will continue to provide technical support for the BIG-IP PSM on a best-effort basis.


For more information about the F5 End of Life Policy or Software Life Cycle Policy, refer to the following articles:

For more information about the contents of this announcement, contact your local F5 Partner Channel Account Manager or Inside Sales Representative.

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