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sol13988: BIG-IP module provisioning exceptions

Original Publication Date: 12/18/2012
Updated Date: 05/12/2015


Due to the increased memory footprint of the BIG-IP software beginning in BIG-IP 11.x, certain hardware platforms may not support all BIG-IP module combinations.


To view BIG-IP module provisioning exceptions for BIG-IP 11.x, refer to the following table:

Versions Document
11.4.0 and later Release notes For general guidelines about module support for BIG-IP 11.4.x and later, refer to the release notes for your software version. For instructions about locating the release notes for your product and version, refer to the procedure below.
SOL15173 vCMP guests running on the VIPRION B2100 blade do not support certain provisioning combination
SOL16585 Single-core vCMP guests support only a limited number of products and product combinations
SOL14760 High Density vCMP
11.3.0 SOL14422 The 1600 and 3600 platforms support a maximum of two provisioned modules when running BIG-IP.
11.3.0 SOL14210 vCMP guests with less than 6.5 GB of memory support a maximum of two provisioned modules when running BIG-IP.
11.0.0 - 11.2.1 SOL14118 The BIG-IP 11000 and 11050 platforms cannot be provisioned with the BIG-IP LTM and Link Controller module combination.

Locating the release notes for your product and version

  1. Navigate to the main page of AskF5.
  2. From the Documentation menu at the top of the screen, select your product.
  3. From the Product Documentation menu, select your version.

    The release note link displays at the top of the page.

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