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sol13826: FirePass 7.0.0 cumulative hotfix

Original Publication Date: 09/04/2012
Updated Date: 04/09/2013

F5 has recently discovered and corrected a number of issues that affect customers running FirePass 7.0.0. F5 recommends that all customers currently running FirePass 7.0.0 install the latest cumulative rollup hotfix.

The following table lists the rollup hotfixes released for FirePass 7.0.0. The table lists each hotfix, along with the ID numbers of issues that the corresponding hotfix resolves, and a description of each issue. If an article exists for the issue, the ID number contains a link to a corresponding article.

Note: These rollup hotfixes are cumulative; each hotfix contains all fixes included in the previous hotfixes. For example, HF-70-3 includes all IDs fixed in HF-70-1 and HF-70-2.

ID Description
Protected Configuration admin User Interface errors
Truncation of POST URL variables
Update JavaRDP and JavaAppTunnel to comply JRE 7_45 and 7_51 updates
Web AppTunnel re-using wrong existing loopback
337305 Auto-logon fails with Citrix JICA applet
344912 PWS disable USB writes should also disallow MTP mode MP3 players
345563 Add more configuration options for Dynamic Cache
345564 Dynamic cache misses some files to be deleted on garbage collection
359737 Patching of "General_URL" attribute/property of ActiveX with clsid:0F2AAAE3-7E9E-4b64-AB5D-1CA24C6ACB9C (iNotes 8.5)
364799 Session variables are not expanded for Domain/Workgroup if configured in Master Group Auto-logon
377998 Improve support of modern JICA packages
392020 Add support for IE10 and Windows 8 to VPE rules
393340 Kernel error messages appear on boot after restoring a configuration from physical system on VE instance
393612 Incorrect link cursor, when using Firefox inside PWS
393717 Favorite autolaunch settings are not correctly parsed in case of multiple resource groups
393750 Send unmodified original cookies in bypass mode
394800 SMB protocol uses IP address in "Tree Connect AndX Req" path even if hostname has been specified
395176 Safari 6 fails with proxy autoconfiguration
395215 Cannot restore page 'Network Access' from tray (Minimize window after successfully connecting Network Access) when using Firefox 15
395799 Sign-up by template is not supported for HTTP Basic auth
396375 OS X network access connection dropped status is shown
396588 OS X network access proxy settings are not force updated without browser restart
396589 OS X Edge Client tool bar icon is empty
396595 OS X network access connecting status is shown infinitely in case of client proxy without exclusion for
397105 OS X Edge Client toolbar icon is wrong size on retina display
397506 Windows 8 client features works only if IE10 switched to Compatibility mode
397687 Windows 8 Microsoft remote desktop does not work
397688 Windows 8 HTMLToResume.html is not found inside PWS
397689 Windows 8 network access cannot be established.: F5 Networks VPN adapter is not added to Network connections
397691 Windows 8 dialup entry does not work on Windows 8 x32
397693 Windows 8 PWS desktop is empty
397694 Windows 8 After PWS ends, IE displays an error
397695 Windows 8 PWS cannot be entered on Windows 8 64-bit edition
397697 Windows 8 InstallerControl couldn't be installed per user through Information Bar
397698 Windows 8 Drive mappings do not work
397699 Windows 8 network access components cannot be installed under limited user account
397700 Windows 8 dialup entry and windows logon integration do not work
397702 Windows 8 network access client proxy settings do not work when split tunneling is configured
397703 Windows 8 client proxy settings don't work in network tunnels which support IPv4 only
397704 Windows 8 x64 Edge client does not work
397705 Windows 8 Component Troubleshooting Utility (CTU) shows several components wrong way
398908 Delays in CHostCtrl::QueryFirepass() make keyboard inaccessible when using RDP resource in IE9
399810 Upload of large files fails when gzip is enabled
399943 Support XenApp 6.5
400148 Timeoutagent does not set TIN cookie without active session
401082 Windows 8 x64 Legacy host java applet does not show anything at session start until IE window is moved or resized
401100 Content is not displayed if user tries to open some page in same window in IE10.
401722 HA/cluster Windows File Auth settings not synchronized properly
401753 Support Windows 8 in FirePass Windows OS information agent
402126 Windows 8 files cannot be moved to Recycle Bin when using PWS
402145 Windows 8 x64 IE10 stops working if launched by dynamic tunnel
402347 Windows 8 web application tunnels do not work inside PWS
402589 wrapper for HTML5 History.(push/replace)State() implemented
402705 Windows 8 x64 legacy host page gets blank when user goes from any tab (e.g. "Favorites") to "Direct Connect"
402735 Windows 8 Bottom part of "Compose message" dialog is unavailable, it does not respond on right or left click when accessing Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2010
402740 Windows 8 "Exchange Control Panel" does not show records for every tab besides "Account" when accessing Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2010
402742 Windows 8 Task list panel sometimes shows javascript error when accessing Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2010
403253 Windows 8 Sometimes Java RDP shows blank window when embedded in the web page
404631 CssText is not properly handled by inflate/deflate wrappers
404988 Relax on php max_input_vars limitation for valid sessions
405182 Add support for IE10 on Windows 7
405828 Installation of inspectionhost plugin fails if existent folder has wrong owner
405964 Windows 8 cannot resolve internal hostname for apptunnels
406280 OS X cannot input anything from keyboard using Java RDP client when screen resolution is set to full screen
407441 Add Firefox 18 support
296340 Disabling terminal server bitmap caching does not work
296485 FirePass returns 'Authorization required.' when a HTTP 401 or 407 response is returned by a web server
343501 Windows files authentication fails on Windows 2008
354248 i-mode browser watermark is always in shift_jis (Japanese UI)
376713 PHP vulnerability CVE-2011-4885
377866 'Vary:' http header is not processed
383337 Added validation for refreshURL parameter
383471 OS X Network Access connection is dropped after launch
384657 Support for Firefox 12
385114 SMB traffic does not use network access tunnel
385311 Microsoft remote desktop does not work through dynamic apptunnels when Protected Workspace is configured on Windows 7 x64 SP1
385649 OS X SSL VPN and Edge packages signed with Apple Developer ID
386129 Java RDP connection may drop unexpectedly
386131 OS X network access tunnel cannot be established when localization is not English
386255 Microsoft remote desktop crashes when launched via dynamic apptunnel on Windows Vista or Windows 7 x64
386265 Network Access DNS searchlist remains when network access is not gracefully exited
387782 Header information is not restricted when creating a 400 error CVE-2012-0053
387797 Empty string URLs are rewritten to ".../comf5aboutblank.html"
387894 FirePass SQL injection vulnerability
388207 FirePass CitrixAuth.php PHP vulnerability
388591 Prevent unnecessary update of Edge Client Credential Manager
389383 Client component backward compatibility for TS SSO auto-logon
389421 RADIUS group mapping %primarypassword% and %password% values are identical
389821 Windows Edge Client does not properly handle redirects with landing uri
390336 Using Firefox 13 or later with a Protected Workspace will terminate the session after a few minutes
266155 Protected Workspace (PWS) is closed when the VPN session is terminated
297279 Downloading a file through Windows Files fails when using Internet Explorer
333194 Switching away from a full-screened RDP favorite causes flicker in Internet Explorer
344430 Reverse proxy does not rewrite the javascript property
361705 Reverse proxy rewrite adds "?F5CH=V" to document.write applet's codebase
364568 Microsoft Office 2010 cannot open files in a Protected Workspace
366297 Add client local dns servers to network access exclude subnets
366424 Exclude hosts from Network Access routing space by hostname
367276 Setting a cookie expiration later than 31 Dec 2037 23:59:59 fails
372999 Windows may crash when updating DNS Relay Proxy driver
373316 No processing of special characters in filenames
374483 Dynamic cache may ignore cached objects
375069 Terminal Server favorite using the Java client may fail with an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error
375295 Expand years selector for reporting period to 2012 and up
375768 Unsigned applet fails to connect to its native backend host if it was specified by FQDN
376059 F5 Installer Service exe code signing certificate is expired
376062 CVE-2011-4576 openssl: uninitialized SSL 3.0 padding
376065 CVE-2011-4619 openssl: SGC restart DoS attack
376182 Apple OS X experiences poor downloading throughput through a network access tunnel
376723 Reverse proxy rewrite fails to rewrite the AlphaImagLoader method
376727 Support for Firefox 10
377030 Changed format of php arrays saved into session files
377314 The Firefox 9 and later browser may fail to connect to a FirePass network access tunnel
377712 FirePass SQL injection vulnerability - CVE-2012-1777
377749 FirePass does not recalculate content-length when uncompressing backend responses
377989 Reverse proxy does not rewrite requests with semicolon and empty port
378137 Persistent cookie storage on client browser
378397 Uploading large files may crash when network access compression is enabled
378674 Cookies that do not contain a period in the domain attribute are not passed by FirePass
378831 Reverse proxy performance improvements
380521 Terminal Server favorite using the Java client may hang with a black screen
380714 Support for Firefox 11 support
380953 Cookies that are formatted with the original Netscape specification may produce a segment fault
381285 Windows Logon Integration sends incorrect hostname for DHCP Option 12
238089 Webdav login customization support for RSA New Pin / Next Token mode
265640 Client-side support for proxy PAC scripts as local file
266347 Added ability to delete/download temporary archived log files
317638 The Portal Access reverse-proxy engine incorrectly rewrites pages with the Internet Explorer 8 'X-UA-Compatible' Compatibility Mode header
317725 HP WebInspect scan crashes FIPS service
338380 The Microsoft Terminal Server favorite using the Java client may not display properly in full screen mode
342332 Include Traffic Control Service files in BIG-IP Edge Client
342772 The BIG-IP Edge Client 'Traffic Control Service' component cannot be installed
345596 NetworkAccess client fails to connect thru proxy server configured by way of big PAC script
347369 Multiple improvements of credentials encryption for TS SSO autologin
362747 Online help udpdate Citrix Smart Access page spelling error
365156 Do not use Win32 API GetShortPathName() function where it is not needed
367499 Add recognition of EdgePortal/EdgeClient in User-Agent as supported clients
368241 NTLMv2 auth fails through reverse proxy if there are two "WWW-Authenticate" headers in backend response
369029 Typo in generated pac file
369301 TN3270 java applet signing certificate expired
370749 Deleting an App Tunnel alias deletes all aliases
371024 Add Firefox 8 support for FirePass
371223 For local users with RSA auth New Pin mode is not working when a cluster master load balances users to slave node
371398 'Permission denied' error when rewriting JavaScript
372432 Do not invoke firewall restart when failover standby transits to active
372881 IBM Lotus Quickr Javascript/dojo app fails when using Internet Explorer through portal access
373035 Zipped folder is invalid or corrupted
373088 PHP vulnerability CVE-2009-4017
373143 Excel sheet stored as HTML gets truncated through Portal Access
373225 Missing MIME types for "docm" files
373498 Support for Firefox 9
373900 Remove password rendering on intermediate RSA/RADUIS Challenge/Response pages
374357 FullArmor GPAnywhere for VPN update v 3.1.2631.0
317757 Active Directory group mapping fails when using nested groups
344987 GUI Option to use LDAP_MATCHING_RULE_IN_CHAIN OID when querying AD
365135 Improvements to cookie handling
369650 Increase default Cluster/Failover server side sync timeout
289294 Certain configuration settings are not restored from a backup file
294200 Master group routing table not used when establishing connections
294221 Standby node console repeatedly displays the message ' stdout' to systemlog when node becomes active
296305 Certificate revocation no longer works after replacing the root certificate
327662 Reverse proxy does not properly rewrite JavaScript
327697 GPAnywhere template does not set firewall settings
327702 GPAnywhere blocks some system functions after session logout on Windows7 x64
327721 GPAnywhereTerminal Services template blocks installation of network access components on Windows 64 bit systems
336721 FP Improve failover event on sysmond alerts
337181 Improve reverse proxy rewrites to reference relative window
339025 Accessing a SSL web site through reverse proxy displays the message: This page contains both secure and nonsecure items
340099 Support for Firefox 4
340872 Support for Firefox 4
341365 Using the back button when connected to mobile email may unintentionally delete an email
341514 SNMP sysObjectID value returns org as operating system
344286 Files cannot be deleted from DFS root share
347809 Improve speed of encryption routines in Protected Workspace
348649 Adobe Acrobat Reader X will not run in a FirePass Protected Workspace
349256 Some groups unsynchronized in failover pair
350168 Unable to reconnect a socket when tunnel connection drops
350750 Added logging of startup and shutdown events
351000 Added ability to download Mac Edge Client from admin console
351302 OS X Network access component will not start when the language is set to French
351559 ActiveSync and Active Directory authentication fails when require Domain\username check is on
351677 Mobile devices accessing email using ActiveSync may establish multiple sessions
352708 Some applications may crash when accessed through a dynamic app tunnel or a protected work space
352817 Permission denied message when accessing the maintenance console
353106 Improve garbage collection for tmp content
353111 Error Message: 'Your certificate chain cannot be fully verified' when root certificate is posted in intermediate certificate chain
353394 Connection failure is improperly handled after MSG_HOLD command
354810 User-Agent header prevents users to download non-html data
354839 Support for Firefox 4
354931 Support for Firefox 4
355228 Added ability to force fsck during boot
355881 Large HTML elements value cause extremely slow script execution on HTML unpatch
355900 Error while saving new document to a SharePoint 2010 server
356135 Unable to add route to the same To IP/mask but w/ diff SrcIP for HA Active/Standby mode
356553 Rewrite does not work with Agile Product Lifecycle Management web application
356628 Captcha is displayed on change password form with ActiveDirectory auth
357180 Mac Edge client is not compatible with the pre-logon sequence Google desktop checker action
357313 MacOS Safari Japanese characters are garbled in the Network Access component download popup
357641 Invalid CRL loaded and acted upon
357690 OWA 2010 users may be unable to send email when connected to Portal Access with Firefox 3.5.x
357827 Added logging of first 5 digits of sess id into httpd logs
357898 Mac Edge Client fails to logon when Network Access policy checks are defined
358498 Citrix application icons are not displayed after installing FirePass 7.0.0 HF-70-3
359137 Problem with rewriting buffer fragment in JavaScript
359224 AD nested group query now returns both pre-win2K and CN group's names if they are not the same
359280 FullArmor GPAnywhere for VPN v 3.1 Update
359482 Added Mac support for network access proxy settings
359505 Support for Firefox 5.0
359826 Support for Firefox 5.0
359897 App Tunnel hangs on certain data patterns
360404 Support for Firefox 5.0
360430 Support for Mac OS X Lion version 10.7
360443 Issue with DNS server order for wildcard DNS when DNS relay proxy is installed
360450 Support for Firefox 5.0
360729 Network access component will not start on Mac OSX when set to the French language
361049 Clients using Windows 7 with SP1 may experience system failure when transferring data over a Network Access connection
361055 IE9: for Document Mode 'IE standards': if Element is not part of Document then Element.document !== Element.ownerDocument
361167 Patched applet fails to connect to local address
361291 Support for Firefox 5.0
361502 Connection fails if invalid host resolving has been performed before
361594 uri rewriting at client is wrong for uri /a:b
361918 Removed non-streaming mode for outbound data
361936 Fix rewrite wrappers to F5 remove scripts
362435 CRL verification of client certificates does not work for multiple CRLs with the same issuer
362774 Support for Mac OS X Lion version 10.7
362778 Network Access link may hang on certain pattern of data
362876 'Referer:' value in request is wrong in some cases
363253 Network Access Autolaunch may fail when an OS X application name contains spaces
363278 Some buttons on panel are inactive in OWA2003 when using IE6
363473 Outlook Web Access 2003 fails through reverse proxy when replying to a message
363557 Increase number of interfaces for Proxy Arp in pppd
363629 Support for Mac OS X Lion version 10
363782 Fix hang/freeze issues with Java Windows terminal servers on MAC OS X
363783 Front door custom graphic does not display on mobile browsers
363784 CRL verification of machine certificates does not work with multiple CRLs
363880 Users receive 'F5_window is undefined' JavaScript error when opening URLs in the same window
363958 Support for Firefox 6.0
363969 Buffer overflow in hpparams module
363975 Machine certificate check fails when OCSP is enabled
364262 Error in BCEL when LDC_W has argument less than 25
364337 Cannot send new message in OWA2003
364564 'stserv' process hangs infinitely under certain conditions
364569 Support for Mac OS X Lion version 10.7
364620 Correct memory leaks in Edge Client for Windows Mobile
364712 Attached e-mail cannot be opened in Outlook Web Access 2003
364869 Citrix JICA client shows as not installed after uploading
364883 Web Application tunnel fails inside a Protected Workspace
365135 Improvements to cookie handling
365396 noSuchInstance may be returned for ha-status SNMP OID
365794 Sending cookie fails when destination path is same as cookie path and does not contain a trailing /
366441 Cannot open documents on SharePoint 2010
366657 Users unable to renew AD password when using RSA with On-Demand onetime tokens
366735 Mac clients are unable to access Network Access when proxy autoconfig is enabled
366791 Screen fields misaligned on Domino Web Access 8.5
367035 Single Sign On (SSO) does not work when using the Non-buffering uploads feature
367043 Mac unable to establish network access connection if prox auto config is pointing to an invalid server
367050 Support for Firefox 7
367472 App Tunnel hangs on certain data patterns
367519 Client components may fail to install if Windows User Account Control (UAC) is enabled
367813 Mac proxy auto config file cannot be downloaded via a ppp route
368213 Java RDP favorite can cause performance problems
368334 Java application tunnel may fail to connect when configured with a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)
368535 Images may fail to display when using Java ImageIcon class
368778 The signing certificate used by the reverse-proxy Java patcher expires on November 10, 2011
369064 Java applets may not be resigned through reverse proxy
369404 Java classes may fail to load through reverse proxy
369476 Application tunnel may hang and cause performance issue
238562 Mac and Linux users are unable to automatically launch the Citrix client through a reverse proxy
266703 The Reauthentication Timeout pop-up window does not appear
294197 The static application tunnel drive mapping mount command may not work in Microsoft Windows 7
294210 Resigned client components and Citrix ICA clients are not synchronized between members of a cluster or failover pair
296159 Unable to change expired Active Directory passwords on supported Apple iOS devices
327696 Creating a FirePass Windows File subfolder on a Microsoft Windows Distributed File System (DFS) share fails
329927 Apple iOS clients accessing Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2010 may fail cookie support inspection on login page
336674 FirePass corrupts documents saved to Microsoft SharePoint server when using Office 2010
336766 Accessing published RDP applications via Web App Tunnels may fail
337964 Improvements in the way HTTP cookies are negotiated
340098 Support for Firefox 4
340580 Edge clients using certificate authentication may see the same certificate listed multiple times
341234 Mac OS X users may experience routing issues if the local LAN subnet and lease pool address space intersect
343511 DFS shares are always read-only in Protected Workspace
343578 Launching an application fails for applications located in the Microsoft Windows system32 directory on 64-bit Windows operating systems
343865 RSA next tokencode password is encoded incorrectly when integrated with Active Directory
344626 Accessing a website using basic authentication from a mobile device may fail
344849 SSO does not update cached password when the password is changed by the user
345847 Unable to select installed root certificates that do not contain a CN attribute
346594 Network access connection fails with 'Could not open proxy server' message on first attempt with automatic proxy configuration
348331 A local user password change fails if the CAPTCHA feature is enabled
348555 Correct Firefox JavaScript infinite loop issue
349189 Terminal Service support for VMware View does not properly XML encode user credentials
350196 Portal Access JICA does not work with Citrix Gateway
350382 POST request from Intranet Webtop lost URL vars if no trailing '/' after proto://host[:port]
265589 Option to allow/deny FirePass' Webtop, when Intranet Webtop is enabled
266738 The session terminates if the browser user-agent string changes
317635 Users may receive a blank screen when they attempt to launch a Citrix terminal server favorite
317652 Corrects problems downloading files from a Distributed File System
317783 Users may receive a blank screen when they attempt to launch a Citrix terminal server favorite
319246 Adds a summary report for maximum concurrent sessions per master group
327722 Users may receive a blank screen when they attempt to launch a Citrix terminal server favorite
329907 If an Active Directory UPN is not the same as the sAMAccountName and nested group is used, dynamic group mapping may fail
336292 Rewrites URIs that post to backend SharePoint 2010 servers
337495 Updates software used for client machine inspection to improve speed
337704 NetworkAccess Alternate Webtop flashes browser window in a loop
337823 Terminal Servers favorites using Active X single-sign-on send clear text username and password to backend Terminal Server
338124 Corrects syntax for javascript:' ' that may cause some Internet Explorer browsers to not load page correctly
338320 Implement latest Citrix NFuse to support proper reconnection for disconnected sessions
338458 Portal Access may fail to properly rewrite JavaScript and can cause errors rendering the web page
338474 Portal Access may fail to properly render web page when points to a parent that is not the same window as top
338702 Corrects problems with pages rendering multiple languages when Norwegian is the selected language
338915 LDAP authentication will fail with special characters in password when using the Japanese character set
339027 Add support in Portal Access for throw operator in client side rewrite
339250 Add support in Portal Access for getPropertyValue() and setProperty()
339375 Radius authentication using RSA new pin mode is rejected
339413 Resolves Mixed Code error messages that may be generated when accessing a java applet
339454 Unable to inspect Windows 7 client systems' certificate to grant non-administrator users access to machine certificate private keys
339455 UAC dialog for Windows displayed to Administrator after applying WinHttpCertCfg.exe to grant a non-administrator user access to the machine certificate private key
339540 Search results not displayed through Portal Access
339546 Adds manifest with "Trusted-Library: true" to when F5* classes are not put into the applet
339642 VMware view Terminal Server favorite not working when "display a prelogin message" checked
339701 LDAP address book does not work on Portal Access Mobile email
339702 LDAP Bind password for Portal Access Mobile E-Mail may save incorrectly
340112 Sites opened using reverse-proxy with Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 may crash
340418 Smart Update does not validate the HTTP response when user tries to use it to update client software
340680 Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 will fail to launch a network access tunnel in a Protected Workspace if User Account Control is disabled and client components are not previously installed
340752 Citrix applications will not load when using the Citrix Online Plug-in version 12.x inside a Protected Workspace
340849 DNS Relay Proxy does not work on 64 byte Windows OS
341055 Uploaded JICA client component is not synced to cluster/failover nodes
341224 Master Group default ACL is not applied until the Update button is clicked
341353 Sed scripts used for content processing may not work on mobile devices
341835 ActiveXHost control fails to update with old atl.dll
342366 Data stored in POST variables are received in a clear HTML by user as a response to the request
342380 Dynamic AppTunnels cannot launch mstsc.exe on 64bit Windows 7
342391 Sanitizes url parameters
342475 Incorrect rewriting of "T.create().close()" lead to JavaScript error
327722 Information may be restored after clearing the 'Restore Users and Groups Settings' check box
337950 Adds an escaping URI to prevent XSS
337445 Changes made to the Enable user-level adaptive ordering option affects all master groups rather than a single master group
336306 Japanese language users may be unable to send emails that contain double byte tildes (UTF-8 code: EFBD9E)
336301 Some features on sites using JavaScripts may be visible but not usable to users
296208 LDAP address book does not work for Mobile Email on PocketPCs
337734 Java Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) cannot connect to static hosts
337127 Web Application Tunnels may fail to show all or portions of the destination URL
336964 Streamline OPSWAT hotfix installation process
336607 snmpd version 5.5 crashes with SIGPIPE signal
336390 The %username% variable is not populated when impersonating a user
327729 Web application Terminal Server favorite aliases receive wrong settings
327727 Force Full Sync fails when run from active node
327725 Removes "Enable voltage alert E-mails" option from the systems health page for FirePass VE
327723 An F5 SSL VPN client plugin for Mac OS X quits unexpectedly when using Safari 5
327712 RADIUS accounting start and stop messages are sent to different ports
327693 Removes unwanted F5 watermark from web apps access through Portal Access
327692 Custom realm admin accounts are unable to see login failures
329923 JavaScript error in Portal Access may prevent applications from loading
327668 Mobile device users may be unable to launch favorites that use a UNC path because a backslash added to the end of the UNC path
329888 Websites with multiple frames may display the output from one frame as the whole window
317688 Online help may give users a "Error on page" message rather than the help documentation
327658 Dynamic resource group mapping that use session variable with Map verbatim checked may fail
327656 RSA SecureID server configuration is not automatically deleted from standby node
327732 Improves process for loading HTML pages that include information from multiple path references

The hotfix is available for download at the F5 Downloads site. For information about downloading software from F5, refer to SOL167: Downloading software and firmware from F5.

For information about the F5 hotfix policy, refer to SOL4918: Overview of the F5 critical issue hotfix policy.

For information about installing a hotfix, refer to SOL3430: Installing FirePass hotfixes.

To view a list of available hotfixes, refer to SOL10322: FirePass hotfix matrix.

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