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sol10939: Installing the IM installation package fails on certain BIG-IP platforms running versions 9.4.3 and older
Known IssueKnown Issue

Original Publication Date: 12/22/2009
Updated Date: 05/27/2016

Known Issue

This is the result of a known issue. Installing the EUD version IM package fails on the following BIG-IP platforms running software versions 9.4.3 and older:

  • BIG-IP 1500 (C36)
  • BIG-IP 3400 (C62)
  • BIG-IP 3410 (C100)
  • BIG-IP 4100 (D46)
  • BIG-IP 6400 (D63)
  • BIG-IP 6800 (D68)
  • BIG-IP 8400 (D84)
  • BIG-IP 8800 (D88)
  • Secure Access Manager 4300
  • Enterprise Manager 500

For example, the following output was displayed on a BIG-IP 3400 platform running version 9.4.3 when attempting to run the IM installation package:

# im
info: system has no tm_install package
/tmp/rpmdisk.XoLyoo /var/tmp
info: Testing integrity of 1 packages
info: Looking for system diagnostics package.
info: Updating system diagnostics.
error: rpm -qp /tmp/rpmdisk.XoLyoo failed
Undefined subroutine &EudProperties::Log_error called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/tm_install/ line 1586.
Some errors were encountered during this update.
Please note the related entries in /var/log/user.log

In addition, error messages similar to the following are logged to the /var/log/user.log file:

error: rpm -qp /tmp/rpmdisk.XoLyoo failed
IM: EUD update finished with errors

Note: This issue does not occur on BIG-IP platforms running software versions 9.4.4 and later.

F5 Product Development tracked this issue as BZ1479 and it was fixed in EUD version EUD_B-


You can work around this issue by installing EUD version EUD_B- from the F5 Downloads site.

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