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Supplemental Document: Updating the big3d Agent Manually

Original Publication Date: 08/30/2013

Note: This documentation was adapted from the F5 Management Pack Wiki hosted on DevCentral ( Certain links or context described in this document may refer to content originally created on the Wiki.

Manually updating big3d by pushing it from one Big-IP to another

The big3d_install script will be used to update big3d on the specified devices to the version on the current device. Running the script with no parameters will not find any devices to push the big3d agent to, except on configured GTM devices. However, the script is included on all non-GTM devices as well and can be run by giving IP addresses as parameters.

Here's the command to manually install big3d:

# big3d_install

This will install the big3d located at /usr/sbin/big3d to the device at IP address By copying an older version of big3d to /usr/sbin/ you can use this script to rollback the versions of big3d on the specified devices. The original big3d is on the box as /usr/sbin/big3d.default so you can always rollback to the original.

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Manually updating big3d with the big3d agent that ships with the F5 Monitoring Pack

You will need the PSCP utility or another secure SCP utility for this operation.

  1. Log into the BIG-IP console through SCP, and run these commands:

    cd /usr/sbin
    big3d -v (this will show you your current big3d version)
    bigstart stop big3d
    rm -f big3d

  2. Copy the agent from the RMS using this command, where <IPaddress> is the IP address of the BIG-IP system from which you are copying the big3d agent :

    pscp -pw password "C:\Program Files\F5 Networks\Monitoring Pack\Agent\big3d" root@<IPaddress>:/usr/sbin

  3. Next, run these commands on the BIG-IP command console (from /usr/sbin)

    chmod a+x big3d
    big3d -v (should show the updated big3d version)
    bigstart start big3d

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