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Release Note: F5 iWorkflow version 2.0.2
Release Note

Original Publication Date: 01/04/2017


This release note documents version 2.0.2 of iWorkflow. iWorkflow 2.0.2 is available as an ISO or Virtual Edition image.


- Product description
- Screen resolution requirement
- Browser support
- iWorkflow compatibility
- User documentation for this release
- Software installation
- Licensing and initial configuration
- Fixes
- Behavior changes
- Known issues
- Contacting F5 Networks
- Legal notices

Product description

Cloud administrators can use iWorkflow to supply tenants with on-demand access to resources such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and services. These cloud resources can be located on BIG-IP devices in a private local network, a public third-party cloud service, or a combination of both.

Tenants have restricted and dedicated access to resources based on their unique tenant role and user account. Cloud space can be expanded, retracted, and reallocated to tenants as needed, providing flexible resource balancing.

Screen resolution requirement

To properly display, the iWorkflow system requires that your screen resolution is set to 1280x1024 or higher.

Browser support

This release supports the following browsers and versions:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 and later.
  • Mozilla Firefox version 29.x and later.
  • Google Chrome version 34.x and later.

iWorkflow compatibility

SOL11198324: F5 iWorkflow compatibility matrix provides a summary of version compatibility for specific features between the iWorkflow system and supported cloud providers and BIG-IP releases.

User documentation for this release

For a comprehensive list of documentation that is relevant to this release, refer to the iWorkflow version 2.0.2 documentation page.

Software installation

You can find Installation instructions for each of the currently supported hypervisor platforms in the following guides:
  • F5® iWorkflow™: and Citrix XenServer: Setup guide.
  • F5® iWorkflow™: and Linux KVM: Setup guide.
  • F5® iWorkflow™: and Microsoft Hyper-V: Setup guide.
  • F5® iWorkflow™: and VMware ESXi: Setup guide.

Licensing and initial configuration

You can find details for software licensing and initial configuration in the administration guides. Refer to the guide most appropriate for your organization:
  • F5® iWorkflow™: Administration guide.
  • F5® iWorkflow™: Cisco APIC Administration guide.
  • F5® iWorkflow™: VMware NSX Administration guide.


ID Number Functional Area Description
623461 iWorkflow Error when configuring LDAP authorization. Error occurs: Error on server request: Number of Errors: 2 1. "The system returned an unexpected error (400 Bad Request). Bind User is not a valid distinguished name." Distinguished names look like this: CN=John Smith, OU=Users, OU=Department A, DC=mydomain, DC=com

Behavior changes

There are no behavior changes included in this release.

Known issues

ID Number Functional Area Description Workaround (if available)
606886 iWorkflow Users cannot add or delete static pool members to deployed graphs.  
624154 iWorkflow Sometimes after performing a device reset for both BIG-IP devices in an HA pair, the associated DSC group is removed. Issue a POST to /mgmt/shared/system/dsc-group-task with body {"continueOnError": true, "name": "UI refresh request"}. Or in the UI, on the BIG-IP HA tab, click Refresh Clusters for the specific DSC group.
625473 iWorkflow Sometimes after reset and configure, when a request is submitted to cluster BIG-IP devices into a HA pair, the created DSC group is not updated with standby device information. Issue a POST to /mgmt/shared/system/dsc-group-task with body {"continueOnError": true, "name": "UI refresh request"}. Or in the UI, on the BIG-IP HA tab, click Refresh Clusters for the specific DSC group.
628507 iWorkflow When removing an event handler from the primary iWorkflow in a clustered environment using a PATCH, the peer iWorkflow modules do not remove the same event handler. Issue the same PATCH request to remove the event handler from the peer iWorkflows.
628920 iWorkflow The iWorkflow ssh console will periodically display a message:

011d0004:3: Disk partition var_log has only 5% free Nov 18 11:11:04 iwscale01 emerg alertd[6890]: 01100048:0: Log disk usage still higher than 80% after logrotate and 24 times log deletion

From an iWorkflow SSH console, execute the command: rm -f /var/log/webd/log_*
628926 iWorkflow iWorkflow modules that are running at their maximum scale numbers will experience a sudden increase in 'WARNING' messages during startup. No direct mitigation/workaround is needed. iWorkflow will self-correct to prevent/backoff the logging of future 'WARNING' messages.
629514 iWorkflow When creating a vCMP or VMware NSX cloud, the user is asked to verify and approve the server or host SSL certificate hash. The Online Help and iWorkflow Ops Guide state to verify the hash with an incorrect OpenSSL command. The correct OpenSSL command to verify the hash iWorkflow uses is: openssl x509 -noout -fingerprint -sha512 -in <path to certificate file> | tr -d ":"

Contacting F5 Networks

Phone: (206) 272-6888
Fax: (206) 272-6802

For additional information, please visit

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