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Manual: FirePass Controller Getting Started Guide, version 6.0

Original Publication Date: 06/22/2006

FirePass® Controller
version 6.0
Getting Started Guide

Table of Contents

Legal Notices

1. Getting Started with the FirePass Controller

Introducing the FirePass controller

Understanding FirePass controller features

Understanding FirePass controller models

Getting started

Using the Getting Started Guide

Understanding the intended audience

Understanding stylistic conventions used in this guide

Finding help and technical support resources

Using the F5 Solution Center

2. Setting Up the FirePass Controller

Before you begin

Installation prerequisites

Configuring IP addresses

Configuring your Internet router or firewall

Configuring DNS support

Understanding name resolution issues with private IP addresses

Giving internal users access to the FirePass controller

Placing the FirePass controller in a typical network configuration

Unpacking the FirePass controller

Collecting configuration settings

Performing initial setup

Setting the IP address for the computer to connect to the FirePass controller

Choosing a cable and connection option

Determining the connection port

Turning on the FirePass controller

Completing the Quick Setup process

Logging on to the FirePass controller Administrative Console

Starting the Quick Setup process

Preparing the FirePass controller for a production environment

3. Working with the FirePass Controller

Configuring the FirePass controller

Updating during configuration tasks

Configuring user access to favorites

Verifying your configuration settings

Updating FirePass controller software

Locking out new user sessions

Updating the FirePass controller online

Updating the FirePass controller offline

Performing other configuration tasks

Shutting down the controller

Restarting the controller

Restoring factory default settings

Using the snapshot utility

Backing up and restoring configuration settings