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Manual Chapter: BIG-IQ System Management
Manual Chapter
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Upgrading BIG-IQ System

Before you can upgrade BIG-IQ system, you must perform the following tasks:

  • Reactivate your current license to ensure that you have a valid service check date.
  • Download the ISO file for the upgrade from F5 Downloads to /shared/images on the BIG-IQ system. If you need to create this directory, use the exact name /shared/images.
  • Create a backup of the user configuration set (UCS), locate it in the /var/local/ucs directory on the source installation location, and copy the UCS file to another system for safe keeping.
You use this procedure to upgrade a BIG-IQ system to a new software version.
  1. Log in to BIG-IQ System with your administrator user name and password.
  2. At the top of the screen, click Configuration.
  3. Expand Management Group by clicking the arrow next to it, and then click localhost.
  4. Click Software Update. The details of the current software installation display.
  5. Click the Update button.
  6. From the Software Image list, select the new image or browse to the location to which you saved it.
  7. From the Install Location list, select the volume to which you want to install the image.
  8. For the Options setting, select one:
    • To automatically reboot the BIG-IQ system to the specified volume immediately after the software is installed, select Reboot after Live Install .
    • To manually reboot the BIG-IQ system at another time from the System > Properties screen, select Set Default Boot Location.
  9. Click the Apply button.
The BIG-IQ system upgrades the software and rolls forward the UCS file.

Creating a backup UCS file

It is best practice to create a backup of the UCS file for each device in your network, including the BIG-IQ system itself) on a regular basis and before performing a software upgrade. The UCS file backup provides your network with added stability in the event that a system needs to be restored.
  1. Log in to BIG-IQ System with your administrator user name and password.
  2. At the top of the screen, click Configuration.
  3. Hover on the Backups panel header, click the + sign when it appears, and then click Add Backup.
  4. In the Name and Description fields, type a file name and description to identify this UCS backup file. The file name you define in the Name field must include the extension .ucs.
  5. From the Device list, select the device for which you want to create the UCS file backup.
  6. If you want to include the SSL private keys in the backup file, select the Include Private Keys check box.
  7. To encrypt the backup file, select the Encrypt Backup Files check box.
  8. Click the Create button
  9. To view the status of the backup or change its description, click the gear icon.
This UCS backup file is now available for restoration.
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