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Manual Chapter: Glossary
Manual Chapter
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BIG-IQ Cloud terminology

Before you manage cloud resources, it is important that you understand some common terms as they are defined within the context of the BIG-IQ Cloud.

Term Definition
application templates An application template is a collection of parameters (in the form of F5 iApps templates) that a cloud administrator defines to create a customized configuration for tenants. Cloud administrators add the configured application to a catalog from which a tenant can self-deploy it.
BIG-IQ Cloud The BIG-IQ Cloud system is a tool that streamlines management and access for tenants to services and applications hosted by local and/or cloud-based servers.
cloud administrator Cloud administrators create application templates for tenants to centrally manage access to specific web-based applications and resources. Cloud administrators might also be referred to as cloud providers.
cloud bursting Cloud bursting is a seamless way to manage an anticipated increase in application traffic by directing some traffic to another cloud resource. When demand falls back into normal parameters, traffic can be directed back to the original cloud resource. This elasticity enables efficient management of resources during periods of increased or decreased traffic to applications.
cloud connector A cloud connector is a resource that identifies the local or virtual environment in which a tenant deploys applications and, when necessary, adds parameters required by third-party cloud providers.
resources A resource is any managed object, including devices, web applications, virtual servers, servers, cloud connectors, and so forth.
roles A role defines specific privileges to which you can associate one or more users. There are two default roles for BIG-IQ Cloud: cloud administrator and cloud tenant.
tenant A tenant is an entity that can consist of one or more users accessing resources provided by a cloud administrator.
user A user is an individual who has been granted access to specific tenant resources.
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