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Supplemental Document: BIG-IP Virtual Edition 12.1.0 HF1 EHF22 Release Information

Original Publication Date: 07/26/2016

BIG-IP Hotfix Release Information

Version: BIGIP-12.1.0
Build: 1.22.1447
Hotfix Rollup: 1
Engineering Hotfix 22
BIG-IP Virtual Edition 12.1.0 HF1 EHF22 Release Information

New in BIG-IP v12.1.0 HF1 EHF22

Azure Release

This release provides additional support for the Azure platform.

Fixes in BIG-IP v12.1.0 HF1 EHF22


604211: License not operational on Azure after upgrading from 12.0.0 HF1-EHF14 to 12.1.0-HF1-EHF1.

Component: Virtual Edition

Although BIG-IP Virtual Edition 12.1.0 HF1 EHF1 is intended for AWS only, the system does not prevent you from accidentally downloading and installing it into Azure environments. If you upgrade Azure from BIG-IP Virtual Edition 12.0.0 HF1 EHF14 to the AWS-specific BIG-IP Virtual Edition 12.1.0 HF1 EHF1, the Azure license becomes nonoperational and gets invalidated.

Upgrading a BYOL instance on Azure to 12.1.0 HF1 EHF1.

License becomes unusable. Re-licensing the instance gets an invalid license.

The workaround for this issue is to boot back into previous boot volume, and then upgrade to 12.1.0-HF1-EHF22 in Azure.
To change default boot volume, choose one of the following methods:

  1. tmsh reboot volume volume-name.
  2. switchboot utility (interactive mode by default).
  3. Admin UI.

For more information about the switchboot utility, see SOL5658: Overview of the switchboot utility

Fix Text:
This release fixes the issue that occurred when the Azure license become nonoperational after upgrading to BIG-IP Virtual Edition 12.1.0 HF1 EHF1 from 12.0.0 HF1 EHF14.

Note: Do not use BIG-IP 12.1.0 HF1 EHF1 in the Azure environments.


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