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Release Note: BIG-IP 11.2.1 VE Release Notes
Release Note

Original Publication Date: 03/18/2018


BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) is a version of the BIG-IP system that runs as a virtual machine. Supported modules include Local Traffic Manager, Global Traffic Manager, Application Security Manager, Access Policy Manager, WAN Optimization Manager, WebAccelerator, and Edge Gateway. BIG-IP VE includes all features of device-based BIG-IP modules running on standard BIG-IP TMOS, except as noted in release notes and product documentation.

Note: Note: The BIG-IP VE product license determines the maximum allowed throughput rate. To view this rate limit, you can display the licensing page within the BIG-IP Configuration utility.
Important: To run VE in version 11.x, the BIG-IP system must have 4 GB of memory.


- User documentation for this release
- Local Traffic Manager-Virtual Edition known issues
- Global Traffic Manager-Virtual Edition known issues
- Application Security Manager-Virtual Edition known issues
- Access Policy Manager-Virtual Edition known issues
- WAN Optimization Manager-Virtual Edition known issues
- WebAccelerator-Virtual Edition known issues
- Edge Gateway-Virtual Edition known issues
- Contacting F5 Networks
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User documentation for this release

Local Traffic Manager-Virtual Edition known issues

ID Description
ID 380942 Extra virtual disks for WAM or MYSQL storage are not supported for Xen or HyperV in this release.
ID 374064 Import verification of the .ova may fail when using the XenCenter 5.6. OVA import wizard. It is suggested that XenCenter 5.6 users verify the .ova file signature as described on AskF5.
ID 372540 Migration of BIG-IP VE, whether live or powered off, will commonly incur an innocuous warning message similar to this on vSphere hypervisors: Virtual Ethernet card 'Network adapter 1' is not supported. This is not a limitation of the host in general, but of the virtual machine's configured guest OS on the selected host." This message is benign and can safely be ignored.
ID 371631 BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) may incorrectly report the interface media duplex settings as none. The General Properties may show an incorrect Active Duplex setting when you navigate to Network :: Interfaces, and then click the interface. The output from the tmsh show network interface all-properties command may show incorrect information in the Media column. Running the command 'show net interface all-properties'. You are unable to confirm the current duplex setting of an interface. Workaround: To work around this issue, you can determine the interface media duplex setting for VE configurations not involving SR-IOV by running the following command: tmsh list net interface. Note: This workaround is valid only for VE configurations and only reports the VE's reported link state. A VM cannot determine any vSwitch's upstream link state via its own link state. VE knows about the link between it and the vSwitch, except in SR-IOV deployments, where there is no vSwitch and the link is direct.
ID 371458 On a XenServer Host, all interfaces are expected to show up as 100TX-FD within tmsh. All application traffic handling interfaces will be shown with a media speed of 100 and an Active Duplex of half in the GUI for this release. This speed rating is simply cosmetic and not actually reflective of the speeds and duplex for BIG-IP VE on a XenServer host. The actual link is a high speed internal connection via a Virtual Network Interface within the hypervisor at speeds greater than 100Mbps.
ID 370367 On BIG-IP VE only, changing the interface used by a VLAN from one to another may show degraded performance in the event that both interfaces are configured to participate on the same broadcast network. Restarting the TMM with "bigstart restart tmm" will restore performance and resolve the issue.
ID 368993 On BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) only, The GUI may show interfaces as half duplex. This status is likely incorrect. The correct interface status can be found with CLI utilities such as tmsh, using the command "tmsh list net interface"
ID 367862 Network Interface Port Mirroring is not supported by BIG-IP VE with this release.
ID 367759 Modifying an interface's VLAN configuration from tagged to untagged or untagged to tagged may result in unavailability of traffic on that interface. Restarting the tmm with "bigstart restart tmm" will correct this condition.
ID 366403 After modifying the BIG-IP system configuration by adding or removing Network Interfaces, the interface numbering might appear out of order and NICs may appear that are no longer present. If the virtual interfaces on the BIG-IP VE system are changed after a binary MCPD database has been created, the system may not detect the change even after a subsequent reboot. To ensure that the system properly detects the new or removed interfaces, type the command "rm /var/db/mcpd*" at the BIG-IP VE command prompt, and reboot the system. TMM-to-vSwitch interface mapping can be viewed by comparing the MAC addresses of the interfaces displayed in the BIG-IP Configuration utility to those displayed in the hypervisors configuration. The interfaces may need a simple adjustment to map to the correct networks.
ID 364704 Taking a snapshot of the virtual machine's memory often pauses the virtual machine and may produce undesired results. To correct this problem on VMware hypervisors, do not include the virtual machine's memory when snapshots are taken.
ID 358355 When deployed as a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine, BIG-IP VE must be configured with a Static Memory Allocation. The use of Dynamic Memory Allocation is unsupported and may cause issues.
ID 352456 Host based time synchronization may take a few minutes to align the clocks.
ID 351538 "F5 Networks strongly recommends that the host system use CPUs with AMD-V or Intel-VT technology. This might require adjusting the systems BIOS or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) configuration. For specific Hypervisors, hardware assisted virtualization technologies may be required in order to boot BIG-IP VE. For detailed system requirements, see the Hypervisor's documentation."
ID 351367 "XenCenter OVF wizard's Run Operating System Fixups option blocks appliance import (ID 351367) When importing the OVA into XenCenter, make sure Run Operating System Fixups is unchecked."
ID 351199 "When importing on OVA into XenServer, CPU priority is not set. It is recommended that a higher priority be set on the VM. Using XenCenter, click on the General tab of the VM. Then click Properties. On the CPU and Memory tab, move the scheduling priority to one tick below highest."

Global Traffic Manager-Virtual Edition known issues

There are no known issues specific to Global Traffic Manager-Virtual Edition.

Application Security Manager-Virtual Edition known issues

There are no known issues specific to Application Security Manager-Virtual Edition.

Access Policy Manager-Virtual Edition known issues

There are no known issues specific to Application Security Manager-Virtual Edition.

WAN Optimization Manager-Virtual Edition known issues

Bug Description
ID 359815 Dashboard can show random WAN optimization throughput spikes as approximately two times the actual bandwidth.

WebAccelerator-Virtual Edition known issues

There are no known issues specific to WebAccelerator-Virtual Edition.

Edge Gateway-Virtual Edition known issues

There are no known issues specific to Edge Gateway-Virtual Edition.

Contacting F5 Networks

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Fax: (206) 272-6802

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