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Manual Chapter: Configuring BIG-IP System Services
Manual Chapter
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The BIG-IP® system includes a number of services that you can start, stop, or restart using the Configuration utility. This ability to start or stop services from within the Configuration utility is useful when you want to run only those services that you need to successfully manage network traffic.
The Configuration utility screen for managing services lists the name of each service and its current status. At a minimum, the services that you can stop or start with the Configuration utility are:
Sets and maintains the system time of day.
An alternative to the sendmail utility, sends and receives email.
Used by hosts to configure their interfaces, listens to router solicitations, and answers with router advertisement.
Receives and processes SNMP requests, and sends trap notifications. Note that you must stop this service before updating the SNMP v3 file /config/net-snmp/snmpd.conf, which specifies SNMP user names.
Provides secure remote login between untrusted hosts.
If you have other BIG-IP product modules running on the BIG-IP system, such as Global Traffic Manager, you might see other services listed on the Services screen.
Important: You must have either the Administrator or Resource Administrator user role assigned to your user account to stop, start, or restart a service.
When you view the list of services available on the BIG-IP system, you can also view current status. In the Configuration utility, you can see this status in the History column. Examples of status for a service are: Running for 6 days, Running, and down, not configured.
On the main tab of the navigation pane, expand System, and click Services.
The Services list screen opens.
On the Main tab of the navigation pane, expand System, and click Services.
The Services screen opens.
Click Start, Stop, or Restart.
Note: An alternate way to manage these services is to use either the bigpipe utility or tmsh. For more information, see the Bigpipe Utility Reference Guide or the Traffic Management Shell (tmsh) Reference Guide. You can also start and stop services using the bigstart utility. For more information, see the bigstart man page.
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