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Manual: BIG-IP System IPsec Interoperability Compatibility Matrix

Original Publication Date: 06/22/2012
Updated Date: 07/18/2018

This release of the BIG-IP system IPsec feature can interoperate with the third-party products displayed in the table.

Third Party Product Encryption Operating System
3Cisco ASA 5505 3DES with SHA-1 and preshared key (PSK) ASA Version 8.2(5)
Cisco 2901 3DES with SHA-1 and preshared key (PSK) Version 15.1
Checkpoint 2205 3DES with SHA-1 and preshared key (PSK) Version R75.20
Juniper SRX240 3DES with SHA-1 and preshared key (PSK) Version 10.4R4.5
Nortel Contivity 600 3DES with SHA-1 and preshared key (PSK) Software Version: V07_05.300
Microsoft server 3DES with SHA-1 and preshared key (PSK) Windows Server 2008
Juniper SSG5 3DES with SHA-1 and preshared key (PSK) Version


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