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Release Note: BIG-IP Edge Client for iOS 1.0.5
Release Note

Software Release Date: 08/02/2013
Original Publication Date: 08/29/2013


On August 2, 2013, Apple posted the release of the iOS Edge Client version 1.0.5. The iOS Edge Client version 1.0.5 includes the fixes and feature enhancements listed. Users should download this new version from the iTunes store or directly from the Apple website.


- User documentation for this release
- Features and enhancements in 1.0.5
- Known issues in release 1.0.5
- Fixes in 1.0.5
- Contacting F5 Networks
- Legal notices

User documentation for this release

For a comprehensive list of documentation that is relevant to this release, refer to the following pages:

Features and enhancements in 1.0.5

ID Number Description
388675 Edge Client is now compatible with iOS 6.
397455 Edge Client is now compatible with iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation.

Known issues in release 1.0.5

This release contains the following known issues.

ID Number Description
387631 With some iOS and Access Policy Manager version combinations, when client components are set to automatically update on the server, the client fails to update.
387034 On iOS 5.x, switching the device to Airplane Mode while the VPN connection is starting can cause the VPN connection to stop and not be able to be started again.

Fixes in 1.0.5

ID Number Description
383083 Previously, when sending an Edge Client command via a URL, the Edge Client prompted the user for confirmation for any change. Now, the user is prompted only when creating a new server configuration on the Edge Client.
383086 The Disconnect Idle Timeout setting is now configurable via server settings, in Access Policy Manager version 11.4, and set to 120 seconds for other server versions.
384830, 400979, 408517, 412478, 418457 Some vulnerabilities were fixed, and some improvements were made, in handling of OpenSSL libraries, SSL renegotiation, TLS and DTLS.
386713 Previously, a default IPv6 route was always added when split tunneling was enabled. This route was used only if the client had no IPv6 configuration, but should have been inactive. Now, default IPv6 tunnels are inactive.
387521 Previously, specifying a route of did not correctly force all traffic through the tunnel on iOS devices. Now, specifying such a route does force all traffic through the tunnel on iOS devices.
397177 Memory handling issues were fixed.
399931 Some screen alignment issues were fixed.
399938 Previously if the Edge Client started an access policy that had no Logon Page access policy item, a blank page appeared in the Edge Client. Now, if the access policy does not include a Logon Page item, a blank page does not appear in Edge Client.
400144 Some wording errors were fixed in the client.
417727 Previously, if the Edge Client connected to a server that did not support IPv6, and the option Force all traffic through tunnel was enabled on the network access tunnel, IPv6 traffic was not blocked. Now, IPv6 traffic is not allowed by the client when the server does not support IPv6, and Force all traffic through tunnel is enabled.
419598 Previously, when using a managed Edge Client configuration created by MDM or iPCU, users could not enter passwords or usernames, even when required. Now, usernames and passwords can be entered in such configurations.

Contacting F5 Networks

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Fax: (206) 272-6802

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