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Manual Chapter: APM ActiveSync Limit
Manual Chapter
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APM ActiveSync Limit

Overview: Supporting larger email attachments for ActiveSync

By default Access Policy Manager® (APM®) supports a POST body of up to 64 KB for ActiveSync. If an email body exceeds that limit, APM writes a message, ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED, to the var/log/apm log file. APM can be configured to support a POST body of up to 25 MB.

Task summary

Increasing the APM limit for ActiveSync email POST body

You can specify the supported size for the ActiveSync email POST body using a database variable.
Note: The maximum supported size is 25 MB.
  1. Log on to the BIG-IP® system command line and type tmsh .
  2. Type this command sequence sys db .
  3. To specify the amount of disk space allocated for hosted content:
    1. Type this command sequence modify tmm.access.maxrequestbodysize value .
      This prompt displays. Values: [enter integer value min:64000 max:25000000]
    2. Type a value and press Enter.
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