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Manual Chapter: Investigating Server Latency Issues
Manual Chapter
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Overview: Investigating server latency issues

This implementation describes how to investigate server latency on the BIG-IP system. You can investigate server latency issues on the Analytics charts when Application Visibility and Reporting (AVR) is provisioned.

Investigating the server latency of applications

Before you can investigate server latency, you need to have created an Analytics profile that is logging statistics internally on the BIG-IP system. The Analytics profile must be associated with one or more virtual servers, or an iApps application service.

Newer browsers (Internet Explorer 9 or later, Firefox 3.6 or later, or Chrome 14 or later) support viewing Analytics charts with no additional plug-in. If using older browsers (Internet Explorer 8 or earlier, Firefox 3.5 or earlier, or Chrome 13 or earlier), Adobe Flash Player (version 8 or later) must be installed on the computer where you plan to view Analytics charts.

You can review statistics concerning server latency on the Analytics charts. Server latency is how long it takes (in milliseconds ) from the time a request reaches the BIG-IP system, for it to proceed to the web application server, and return a response to the BIG-IP system.
  1. On the Main tab, click Statistics > Analytics > HTTP. The Overview screen opens.
  2. From the Latency menu, choose Server Latency. A chart shows the server latency for all applications and virtual servers associated with all Analytics profiles.
  3. To view server latency for a specific application, in the Details table, select only that application. The charts show latency only for the selected application.
  4. To view server latency for a specific virtual server:
    1. In the View By list, select Virtual Servers. The charts show latency for all virtual servers.
    2. In the Details list near the charts, click the virtual server you are interested in. The charts show latency only for the selected virtual server.
  5. If further investigation is needed, in the View By setting, select other entities to view charts that show latency for other collected entities included in the Analytics profile, for example, specific pool members, URLs, countries, or client IP addresses.
Tip: If you are concerned about server latency, you can configure the Analytics profile so that it sends an alert when the average server latency exceeds a number of milliseconds for some period of time.
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