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Manual Chapter: Master Key
Manual Chapter
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The master key encrypts and decrypts all of the Critical-Security Parameters (CSPs), such as passwords, on the ARX. You can use the master key in conjunction with the show running-config and show global-config commands to backup and restore the full switch configuration, including passwords.
The ARX supports a single master key that encrypts and decrypts all of its CSPs (such as passwords). You generate the master key as part of the switchs initial boot process; use the show master-key command to get an encrypted copy of the master key.
System Password is a password entered at initial-boot time. It is 12-32 characters long. This validates that you have permission to access the master key.
Wrapping Password is set with this command. The security software uses this to encrypt (and later decrypt) the master-key string.
Use the copy running-config command to copy the entire running configuration (network-level parameters, not storage parameters) into a file on the chassis.
Use delete startup-config and delete configs boot-config to delete the entire configuration, and then run the reload command. This resets the machine to its factory defaults, disables all management-IP interfaces, and reruns the initial-boot script at the Console port.
Invoke the run command on the running-config file that you saved onto the chassis earlier. This re-establishes all of your network parameters.
bstnA(cfg)# show master-key
System Password: Sup3r$ecretpw
Wrapping Password: An0ther$ecretpw
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