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Manual Chapter: Powering Down the ARX
Manual Chapter
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Save a copy of the ARX configuration. The configuration parameters are divided into two classes: running-config and global-config. The running-config has all of the chassis, network, and redundancy parameters; all of the CLI commands for running-config are under cfg mode. The global-config contains all namespaces, volumes, global servers, policy rules, and other storage parameters. The CLI commands for global-config are under gbl mode. Save a copy of both the running-config and the global-config. An earlier chapter described all of this: recall Backing Up the Running Configuration.
Use the copy running-config and copy global-config commands to copy the files off of the switch. For example, the following command sequence copies the running-config and global-config off of the bstnA switch to a remote FTP server:
bstnA# copy running-config ftp://juser:jpasswd@
bstnA# copy global-config ftp://juser:jpasswd@
bstnB# copy running-config ftp://juser:jpasswd@
Before you shut down any services, use the show chassis nvr command to verify that the battery is in good working order. The output must indicate that the battery is in a Good state and that the Error-Correction Circuitry (ECC) indicates that the NVRAM has No Error. Run this on both peers if you have redundancy configured.
bstnA# show chassis nvr
bstnB# show chassis nvr
bstnA# shutdown
The show health command should not indicate any open alarms. For example, this system is in good overall health:
bstnA(cfg)# show health
bstnB(cfg)# show health
The show namespace status all command shows the state of all namespaces, volumes, and shares. This is described in the ARX® CLI Storage-Management Guide; see Monitoring the Import, on page 9-56. The Status for each volume should be Enabled. Each share should have a Status of Online; if the switch or switches were powered off for more than 72 hours, they may be Pending or Importing for some time before they transition to an Online state.
bstnA(cfg)# show namespace status all
Use show virtual service to verify that all NFS and/or CIFS services are running properly. In a redundant pair, these services only run on the active peer. All services should have a state of Ready. For example, this ARX has all of its services running:
bstnA(cfg)# show virtual service
For a pair of redundant switches, check the redundancy configuration from either peer. Use show redundancy all, and check for the status shown in the example below (important status is highlighted in bold):
bstnA(cfg)# show redundancy all
*1 bstnA Up Active Never -
2 bstnB Up Backup 1 07:37:08 07/21/2006
QD Up Quorum 1 07:36:57 07/21/2006
07-21 07:37:13 Quorum disk is online, system is ready for failover
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