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Release Note: F5 Application Connector 1.1.0
Release Note

Original Publication Date: 12/07/2017


This release note documents version 1.1.0 of F5 Application Connector. Application Connector 1.1.0 is available as an iAppLX only. An ISO image is not available.


- Product description
- User documentation for this release
- Software installation
- New in 1.1.0
- Fixes, behavior changes, and known issues
- Contacting F5 Networks
- Legal notices

Product description

F5 Application Connector provides simple, secure connectivity to Public Cloud Vendors, enabling BIG-IP customers to easily load balance workloads between public and private cloud resources.

User documentation for this release

For a comprehensive list of documentation that is relevant to this release, refer to the F5 Application Connector version 1.1.0 Knowledge Center.

Software installation

You can download the Application Connector software from For installation instructions for the Application Connector Service Center and Application Connector Proxy, see this guide: F5 Application Connector: Setup and Configuration.

New in 1.1.0

Auto Discovery Support for Azure

Application Connector (AC) 1.1.0 now supports auto discovery and publish for Microsoft Azure. This feature applies appropriate Azure authentication when the proxy is in an Azure environment.

Enhanced Auto Discovery and Cloud Provider Authentication Troubleshooting

This release includes these enhancements to improve Proxy cloud diagnostics:

  • The Proxy provides a verbose and specific response when posting a cloud node fails.
  • For each resource (Service Center or Cloud Server), the Proxy user interface (UI)/API now enables you to ping the resource to determine if network connectivity exists from the Proxy to the resource.
  • The NODE DISCOVERY heading on the Proxy UI now displays whether the authorization is successful or the error returned by the cloud vendor during authorization if authorization was unsuccessful. Additionally, the Cloud vendor (AWS, Azure, Private) is displayed next to the Authorization Status. This information is also available using the API.

Enhanced Proxy/Service Center Connection Feedback

1.1.0 provides improved feedback when the Proxy fails to establish a connection to a Service Center.

Proxy Reconnection Frequency Enhancement

This release now includes a feature that changes the frequency that a Proxy attempts to reconnect to a Service Center upon loss of connection. The frequencies are:

  • 10-10 minutes, with a reconnection attempt made every second
  • 10 minutes to 60 minutes, with a reconnection attempt made every 30 seconds
  • 60+ minutes, with a reconnection attempt made every 60 seconds

AWS Assume Role/Agent Mode

In 1.1.0, AC Proxy supports the AWS Assume Role, which eliminates the need to store credentials file in the system. To use this feature, you create a role that has an access policy with varying degrees of permission level. F5 recommends that you use the AmazonEC2ReadOnlyAccess policy, which allows only read access to EC2 resources. To use this role, attach the role to the EC2 instance that hosts the Proxy. That instance will then have the EC2 role with read only access.

Cookies Persistence Enhancements

AC versions 1.0.0-1.1.0 do not support native BIG-IP software persistence; therefore it uses a persistence iRule to add persistence to any virtual servers requiring it. The persistence iRule client_cookie_persistence.tcl is now upgraded with a more efficient syntax. The Service Center iApp for versions 1.0.0-1.1.0 automatically add the persistence iRule to any virtual server selected as an application virtual server.

Enhanced Add Virtual Server Confirmation

In 1.1.0, the Service Center UI is enhanced to provide more specific feedback to a user regarding which virtual servers are being selected. Now when you select an App or Proxy virtual server and save it, a a message displays a list of selected virtual servers and asks you to confirm your selection.

Proxy and Service Center Help

This release now includes a Help page for the Service Center and Proxy.

Proxy Bind IP Address Option

1.1.0 now supports the use of the BIND IP docker environment variable (-b). This variable enables you to specify the IP address to which the Proxy should bind. This affects traffic from the Proxy to cloud servers and Service Centers, in addition to admin traffic.

Fixes, behavior changes, and known issues

For a comprehensive list of fixes, behavior changes, and known issues for this release, see the F5 Application Connector 1.1.0 Release Information page.

Contacting F5 Networks

Phone - North America: 1-888-882-7535 or (206) 272-6500
Phone - Outside North America, Universal Toll-Free: +800 11 ASK 4 F5 or (800 11275 435)
Fax: See Regional Support for your area.

For additional information, please visit

How to Contact F5 Support or the Anti-Fraud SOC

You can contact a Network Support Center as follows:

You can manage cases online at F5 WebSupport (registration required). To register email with your F5 hardware serial numbers and contact information.

You can contact the Anti-Fraud SOC as follows:

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Legal notices

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