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Manual Chapter: Introducing BIG-IP WAN Optimization
Manual Chapter
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The BIG-IP® WAN Optimization ModuleTM (WOMTM) increases distributed application performance by optimizing, thus reducing, the amount of data that is transferred over a wide area network (WAN). Deployed as BIG-IP systems on either side of a WAN, WAN Optimization Modules accelerate all TCP traffic including CIFS, MAPI, FTP, and other common protocols. You can use the WAN Optimization Module to optimize applications such as file transfer, email, client-server applications, and data replication, resulting in increased performance for users.
WAN optimization and acceleration capabilities are tightly integrated into Traffic Management Operating System (TMOSTM) and BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager. The WAN Optimization Module operates on various BIG-IP platforms that scale from branch office to data center appliances. You can add optimization capabilities to existing BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager deployments, or deploy additional BIG-IP systems for WAN optimization. Local and remote WAN Optimization Modules work transparently across all wide-area network links, including dedicated, frame relay, and satellite connections.
The BIG-IP WAN Optimization Module is one of several products that constitute the BIG-IP product family. All BIG-IP products run on the Traffic Management Operating System, commonly referred to as TMOS. For an overview of the complete BIG-IP product offering, see the introductory chapter of the TMOSTM Management Guide for BIG-IP® Systems.
This guide describes how to customize and use the WAN Optimization Module, including concepts and explanations. Its intended audience consists of network administrators, information system engineers, and network managers responsible for the configuration and ongoing management of the WAN Optimization Module.
Before you use this guide, we recommend that you run the Setup utility on the BIG-IP system to perform basic networking configuration such as self IP addresses, interfaces, and VLANs. For instructions on initial setup of the BIG-IP system, refer to the BIG-IP® Systems: Getting Started Guide.
After running the Setup utility, you can configure the WAN Optimization Module to optimize traffic. For a description of the procedure for quickly setting up WAN Optimization using the Quick Start screen and accepting the default values, refer to the BIG-IP® WAN Optimization Module: Quick Setup.
In addition to this guide, there are other sources of documentation that you can use to work with the WAN Optimization Module. The information is available in the guides and documents described here.
The Configuration utility has online help for each screen. The online help contains descriptions of each control and setting on the screen. Click the Help tab in the navigation pane to view the online help for a screen.
The AskF5SM Knowledge Base web site
The F5 Networks Support web site,, provides the latest documentation for the product, including:
AskF5SM Knowledge Base
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