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Manual Chapter: WOM Configuration on the Chassis
Manual Chapter
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About WOM configuration on the chassis

Chassis support provides the ability to optimize your WAN traffic on BIG-IP® systems in the following deployments.

  • Provision WOM® Lite along with other BIG-IP modules to use the full power of a single chassis. On the chassis, you must provision WOM Lite, in addition to any other modules you have licensed.
  • Provision Virtual Clustered Multiprocessing (vCMP™) to have the flexibility of running multiple BIG-IP guests, each of which can include WOM Lite on a single chassis.

In both cases you must configure the base license and provisioning, and then configure individual modules or vCMP guests and respective virtual BIG-IP systems.

Setting up WOM on vCMP

Before you start this task, you must license and provision vCMP™ on the BIG-IP® system.
This task provides basic steps for setting up WAN Optimization Manager™ (WOM®) Lite in a vCMP environment. The basic steps can be used for setting up any other BIG-IP module. For more information about vCMP configuration, consult the BIG-IP documentation set at F5 DevCentral™ (
Note: vCMP supports only WOM Lite, which does not require a separate license on LTM®. It does not include deduplication.
  1. Configure the LAN and WAN VLANs on the hypervisor cluster, and assign the proper ports.
  2. Create a guest on the BIG-IP vCMP platform. The following screen capture shows an example of a guest configuration for WOM.
    Example of guest configuration for WOM on vCMP Example of guest configuration for WOM on vCMP
  3. Log in using the cluster IP address of the guest you created, which is in the example shown.
  4. Provision WOM Lite.
    1. On the Main tab, click System > Resource Provisioning.
    2. In the Resource Provisioning (Unlicensed Modules) area of the screen, from the WAN Optimization Lite (WOML) list, select Lite (No license required).
  5. Configure WOM using the Quick Start screen.
For WAN optimization to take place, you must also configure a BIG-IP WOM device on the other side of the WAN to complete the iSession™ connection.
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