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Manual Chapter: Getting Started
Manual Chapter
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The Configuration utility is the browser-based graphical user interface that provides you access to the WebAccelerator systems configuration options, as well as the configuration options for the network, system, and local traffic. From the Help tab, you can access context-sensitive information about the controls and settings located on each on each screen.
Figure 1.1 shows an example of the Welcome screen for the Configuration utility. The modules displayed depend on your software licenses.
Important: All users need to use the web-based Configuration utility to license the system for the first time. For the most current list of the supported browsers for the Configuration utility, refer to the current WebAccelerator system release note at
The identification and messages area
This area, above the navigation pane, the menu bar, and the body, is where you find the system identification, including the host name, and management IP address. This area also displays certain system messages.
The navigation pane
This area, located on the left side of the screen, contains the Main tab, the Help tab, and the About tab. The Main tab provides links to the major configuration objects for the various modules. The Help tab provides context-sensitive help for each screen in the Configuration utility. The About tab provides a quick way to locate information about Setup, Support, Plugins, and Download system options.
The menu bar
Located below the identification and messages area, and above the body, the menu bar provides links to configuration objects within each major object.
The body
Located in the center of the screen, the body displays configuration settings.
BIG-IP® WebAccelerator System: Concepts
Describes the core product concepts and provides the procedures for configuring and monitoring the WebAccelerator system.
BIG-IP® WebAccelerator System: Implementations
Provides the procedures for configuring and monitoring the WebAccelerator system, and information about creating and editing policies to tailor the WebAccelerator system for optimal performance.
Release notes
Provide information about new features, fixes, known issues, and workarounds.
Online help
Provides context-sensitive description of each control and setting on each screen.
BIG-IP® System: Upgrading Active/Standby Systems
For information about performing the required configuration for the BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager, as well as information about installing, enabling, and configuring resource provisioning for the WebAccelerator system license.
BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager: Implementations
For information about how to define a virtual server and pool.
TMOS® Management Guide for BIG-IP® Systems
For an overview of the complete BIG-IP product offering.
Welcome screen in the Configuration utility
The Welcome screen in the Configuration utility contains links to many useful web sites and resources, including:
Online help
The WebAccelerator system provides context-sensitive online help for each screen. The online help contains descriptions of each control and setting on the screen. To access the online help, click the Help tab on the left navigation pane of the Configuration utility.
F5 Networks Technical Support web site
The F5 Networks Technical Support web site provides the latest documentation set for the product, including:
The AskF5SM Knowledge Base
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