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Manual Chapter: Troubleshooting and Monitoring
Manual Chapter
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The WebAccelerator systems performance reports provide you access to information about page requests, the frequency of those requests, and how well the WebAccelerator system serviced those requests from cache. You can use these performance reports to evaluate your acceleration policies, adjusting them as required to maximize client access to your applications.
You access the performance reports screens by expanding WebAccelerator, located on the Main tab of the navigation pane. Once you expand WebAccelerator, additional options display as shown in Figure 5.1.
Traffic Reports
Displays the number of requests (hits) received, and responses served, by the WebAccelerator system.
Byte Reports
Displays the bytes of content that the WebAccelerator system has sent in response to requests.
Response Reports
Displays the average amount of time it takes the WebAccelerator system to respond to a request from the client.
You can easily customize individual performance reports to display information based on different criteria. The WebAccelerator system also provides you with an option to save performance reports to a specified file type so that you can import them into specific applications.
The individual performance reports display content according to the parameters that you select for the filter. Any changes that you make to the filter values stay in effect for all reports, until you change them.
When sending a response to a client, the WebAccelerator system can insert an informational X-WA-Info response header, as described in Understanding object classification. This X-WA-Info response header includes codes that you can use to assess the effectiveness of your acceleration policy rules.
You can view X-WA-Info response headers by:
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