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Manual: Administrator Guide for the BIG-IP WebAccelerator Module, version 9.4

Original Publication Date: 01/08/2007

Administrator Guide for the BIG-IP WebAccelerator Module

Table of Contents

Legal Notices

1. Introduction

Introducing the BIG-IP system

About the WebAccelerator module

Using the Configuration utility

Browser support for the Configuration utility

About this guide

Additional product documentation

Stylistic conventions in this guide

Finding help and technical support resources

2. Overview of the WebAccelerator System

Introducing the WebAccelerator system

WebAccelerator system processes

Servicing HTTP traffic

Managing content

Using queues

Compile queues

Assembly queues

Generating log files

3. Configuration and Maintenance

Overview of the configuration tasks

Configuring the BIG-IP system

Essential configuration tasks

Enabling the WebAccelerator module

Creating an HTTP class profile

Defining a virtual server and pool

Configuring an application

Verifying the application profile host map

Additional configuration tasks

Processing unmapped requests

Defining destination host values

Configuring the Express Connect feature

Maintenance tasks

Checking the WebAccelerator system processes

Invalidating cached content

Monitoring the WebAccelerator

Changing log file monitoring parameters

4. Troubleshooting and the Rewrite Engine

Using the error and status log files to troubleshoot


intelligence interface


Using the Rewrite Engine scripts to manipulate HTTP responses

5. Changing Configuration Options

Changing default settings

Modifying the pvsystem.conf file

Managing log file creation

Managing the compile queues

Managing the assembly queue

Managing system TTL parameters

Managing socket tunnels

Managing cookie encryption

Managing hds_prune

Modifying the globalfragment.xml file

Managing object types

Managing URL normalization

Redirecting to browsers

Selectively disabling content-based identity

6. Monitoring with SNMP

Introducing SNMP

Disabling and enabling SNMP

SNMP ports

Suggested SNMP objects

Monitoring WebAccelerator system objects

Monitoring connection throughput

Monitoring the cache

Monitoring the compile queue

Monitoring the ESI compile queue

Monitoring the assembly queue

Monitoring invalidation objects

Monitoring the communications system

Monitoring the communications channel

Monitoring operating system objects