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Manual Chapter: Immediately Caching Dynamic Objects
Manual Chapter
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Overview: Caching an object on first hit

The BIG-IP WebAccelerator module provides you with the ability to cache an object on the first cache hit, that is, the first time that an object is seen by the WebAccelerator module. Typically, the WebAccelerator module waits until the object is known to be popular, allowing a limited number of hits against the original content. Caching the object on first hit, however, causes the WebAccelerator module to immediately cache the object, even if it is not popular. You only want to apply this setting for highly dynamic objects (for example, stock quotes provided by a stock ticker) that you want to cache for a limited time to offload the origin web server. If you use this setting on content that omits a Content-Length header, or if the object is an HTML, JavaScript (JS), or cascading style sheet (CSS) object, a significant degradation in performance can occur.

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