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Manual Chapter: Troubleshooting and the Rewrite Engine
Manual Chapter
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When troubleshooting issues with the WebAccelerator system, you can look in the log files for these services, to see if error conditions exist. Use these log files for troubleshooting purposes only. For daily WebAccelerator system monitoring, use SNMP. See Chapter 6, for more information.
The intelligence interface service publishes acceleration policies (and changes to acceleration policies) to the WebAccelerator system.
The pvac service manages HTTP and HTTPS traffic.
The pvac log files are located in:
Hot Cache
Used to store objects that do not require special assembly.
Smart Cache
Used to store objects that require special assembly processing, such as objects for which variation rules apply.
Typically, you use invalidation rules to remove specific content stored in the Smart Cache. However, there may be occasions, such as when troubleshooting cache issues, when you want to remove all the content that the WebAccelerator system has stored in both Smart Cache and Hot Cache.
This command restarts the pvac service, which may temporarily halt traffic flow. Upon restart of pvac, the WebAccelerator system then displays the following message:
Note: For information about configuring invalidation rules, see the Policy Management Guide for the BIG-IP® WebAccelerator System.
The WebAccelerator system’s Rewrite Engine uses a proprietary language to manipulate HTTP responses from origin web servers. After the WebAccelerator system manipulates the HTTP responses, it processes the responses. Therefore, the WebAccelerator system processes manipulated responses, rather than the original responses that are sent by the origin web servers.
For specific information using rewrite scripts, see Appendix B, Processing HTTP Response Headers, in the Policy Management Guide for the BIG-IP® WebAcceleratorSystem.
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