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Manual Chapter: What is F5 SSL Orchestrator
Manual Chapter
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What is F5 SSL Orchestrator?

F5® SSL Orchestrator provides an all-in-one appliance solution designed specifically to optimize the SSL infrastructure, provide security devices with visibility of SSL/TLS encrypted traffic, and maximize efficient use of that existing security investment. This solution supports policy-based management and steering of traffic flows to existing security devices, designed to easily integrate into existing architectures. It centralizes the SSL decrypt/encrypt function by delivering the latest SSL encryption technologies across the entire security infrastructure.

Some of the key functions include:
  • SSL visibility
  • Policy-based service chaining of security devices
  • Load balancing and monitoring of non-SSL and decrypted SSL traffic flows across security devices
  • Centralized and simplified management of certificates and encryption keys
  • Selective decrypt/encrypt of specific traffic flows
SSL Orchestrator solution

SSL Orchestrator solution

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