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Release Note: Enterprise Manager version 3.0.0 Virtual Edition
Release Note

Original Publication Date: 08/30/2013


This release note documents the version 3.0.0 virtual edition release of Enterprise Manager.


- Best practices for deploying Enterprise Manager VE
- Supported software and hardware
- Contacting F5 Networks
- Legal notices

User documentation for this release

Best practices for deploying Enterprise Manager VE

When deploying Enterprise Manager Virtual Edition, you should follow these best practices.

Shared storage for virtual machines Use NFS for shared virtual machine storage, although all types of VMware-supported storage are acceptable.
High availability configuration Run the two systems of high availability pair on separate physical hosts. You can accomplish this in two ways. You can manually create a virtual machine peer on each host, or, if you are using VMware Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS), you can create a DRS rule with the option Separate Virtual Machine that includes each unit of the Enterprise Manager VE redundant system. Note that Enterprise Manager VE does not support VMware Fault Tolerance technology. For information on creating a DRS rule, refer to VMware's vSphere manuals.
Live migration Perform live migration of Enterprise Manager VE virtual machines (using VMware VMotion) on idle Enterprise Manager VE virtual machines only. Live migration of Enterprise Manager VE while the virtual machine is performing tasks could produce unexpected results.
VMware DRS environments In DRS environments, perform live migration of Enterprise Manager VE virtual machines (using VMware VMotion) on idle Enterprise Manager VE virtual machines only. Live migration of Enterprise Manager VE while the virtual machine is processing traffic could produce unexpected results. Disable automatic migrations by adjusting the VMware VMotion DRS Automation Level to Partially Automated, Manual, or Disabled on a per-Enterprise Manager VE basis.
Resource reservations Increase the 2GHz default CPU reservation to prioritize Enterprise Manager VE processing if your normal traffic patterns cause Enterprise Manager VE to consistently exceed that reservation. Enterprise Manager VE presents a unique workload when virtualized, compared to other commonly virtualized services. Therefore, Enterprise Manager VE is deployed by default with a 2GHz CPU reservation and 4GB memory reservation. Together, these reservations prevent system instability on heavily loaded VMware hosts. Note that these reservations should be considered minimal.
Time synchronization Configure all Enterprise Manager VE systems to use an external time synchronization source. You can do this either by configuring NTP within Enterprise Manager VE or by checking the Synchronize guest time with host box within vSphere Client and configuring all VMware hosts to share a single NTP time server or set of related NTP time servers. Note that units within a high availability configuration must share a common time synchronization source, to prevent inconsistent system behavior.
Default route for management port Define a default route for the virtual management port.

Supported software and hardware

Hypervisor compatibility

Enterprise Manager Virtual Edition (VE) is compatible with:

  • VMware ESX Server 4.0, 4.1 and 5.0
  • Citrix XenServer 5.6
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and R2-sp1 with Hyper-V role Support

Virtual guest environment

The virtual machine guest environment for Enterprise Manager VE includes these characteristics:

  • 2 CPU cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 250 GB hard disk
Important: When you use the a Hypervisor to deploy Enterprise Manager VE on a host system, you must retain the guest environment characteristics as shown here. Modifying these characteristics can produce unexpected results. Note that the guest environment does not support vmmemctl, the memory balloon driver.

Contacting F5 Networks

Phone: (206) 272-6888
Fax: (206) 272-6802

For additional information, please visit

Legal notices

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