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Release Note: Enterprise Manager 3.1.0
Release Note

Original Publication Date: 08/30/2013


This release note documents the version 3.1.0 release of Enterprise Manager.


- User documentation for this release
- Supported hardware and software
- Software installation
- New features
- Fixes
- Known issues
- Legal notices
- Contacting F5 Networks

Supported hardware and software

Supported Hardware

You can apply the software upgrade to Enterprise Manager 4000 or Enterprise Manager Virtual Edition (VE) platforms running software versions 2.0.x and 3.0.x.

Managed Device Compatibility

Enterprise Manager version 3.1.0 supports the following software versions:

  • Enterprise Manager version 1.6 to version 1.8
  • Enterprise Manager version 2.x.x and later
  • Enterprise Manager Virtual Edition (VE) version 2.2.0 or later
  • BIG-IP version 11.x.x
  • BIG-IP version 10.0.1 and later in the BIG-IP version 10.x.x family
  • BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager Virtual Edition (VE) version 10.2.x or later
  • BIG-IP version 9.3.1 to BIG-IP version 9.4.x
  • BIG-IP Secure Access Manager version 8.0.x
  • WANJet version 5.0.x

Software installation

If you are using a new Enterprise Manager system, the current software is loaded and configured. For procedures about specifying network options and performing initial configuration, refer to the Enterprise Manager Getting Started Guide. If you are upgrading an existing system, you must download and install the upgrade. For procedures, refer to the Software Management chapter.

New features


This release includes a new feature called LogIQ. You use LogIQ to collect, aggregate, and view log events for all of your managed BIG-IP devices from a centralized location. LogIQ provides you with a powerful search tool to easily locate specific log events, as well as the ability to increase storage as needed by utilizing resources from your hypervisor.

Security policy management for Application Security Manager

Starting in this release, you can import and deploy security policies from Enterprise Manager to your managed Application Security Manager devices.

Analytic management for Application Security Manager

From Enterprise Manager, you can now view analytics for managed Application Security Manager devices. Analytics provide visibility into application behavior, user experience, transactions, and data center resource usage. You can use this information to troubleshoot issues and to increase the efficiency of your network. To view analytics, you must license Enterprise Manager with the Centralized Analytics add-on key, and install Adobe Flash Player. You must also provision your managed BIG-IP Application Security Manager devices for Application Visibility and Reporting (AVR), and associate the analytics profile with one or more virtual servers.

Log management for Application Security Manager

Starting in this release, you can create logging profiles for Application Security Manager devices. Logging profiles specify the elements of logs that a managed device collects, and define the storage location (local or remote). Logging profiles allow you to easily apply the same log settings to several devices, ensuring consistency across the Application Security Manager systems.

IP address exception list management for Application Security Manager

You can now manage Application Security Manager IP address lists. IP address lists contain specified IP addresses that you have deemed as trusted. Managed BIG-IP Application Security Manager devices do not generate Policy Builder learning suggestions for traffic sent from these IP addresses, which reduces unnecessary traffic. From Enterprise Manager, you can create and then centrally deploy IP address lists to multiple ASM security policies.


Issue Description
ID 383178 You are now required to set the device refresh intervals for 5 minutes or more to avoid issues with properly calculating and displaying statistics. The default and recommended interval is 60 minutes.
ID 388001 Status updates for monitored network objects are now retained in a critical queue for higher visibility.
ID 388828 Enterprise Manager no longer logs the benign iControl exception error "Unknown method: get_all_software_status" in the var/log/em file when discovering a managed BIG-IP device running version 9.4.x.
ID 391179 Enterprise Manager now supports a threshold value greater than 2.1 GB for capacity planning reports.
ID 392368 Enterprise Manager now supports statistics collection for managed BIG-IP pool members that have the "any" port designated.
ID 396036 In some instances, the device discovery screen returned an error message if you typed an invalid password. This issue is resolved and the error no longer occurs.
ID 398580 Enterprise Manager now supports manually setting peers for managed BIG-IP version 11.x devices configured in an ambiguous redundant system or device service cluster (DSC).
ID 398894 Enterprise Manager can now discover devices even if the route to the F5 licensing server is blocked or unavailable.
ID 399140 Previously, if you used a staged changeset to move a managed device's node to a new partition, Enterprise Manager sometimes returned an error when it attempted to refresh that device. Enterprise Manager now correctly refreshes the managed device from which a node has been moved.
ID 401290 Previously, Enterprise Manager did not recognize the user roles: acceleration policy editor, auditor, iRule manager, and web application security editor, which were added to the BIG-IP product line in version 11.x. This issue is resolved and Enterprise Manager recognizes all user roles up to version 11.2.0.

Known issues

Issue Description Workaround (if available)
ID 408480 Enterprise Manager marks as impaired, any device running version 11.3.0 that contains a Request Adapt, Response Adapt, or Diameter Endpoint profile. As a result, Enterprise Manager cannot access configuration data for devices containing those profiles.
ID 382231 Currently, the remote statistics database does not support IPv6. If you want to configure Enterprise Manager to store statistics on a remote database, you must use IPv4.
ID 384108 Statistic collection and reporting for network traffic (Analytics) is not supported when a proxy is configured for communication between Enterprise Manager and managed devices.  
ID 397721 If you restore an Enterprise Manager archive that no longer includes a device that was previously configured as a LogIQ source device, that device still attempts to log to the index cluster. To resolve this issue, rediscover the previously configured source device, re-add the device as a LogIQ source device, and then remove it from the source device list.
ID 403592 You cannot upgrade managed devices to version 11.3.0 if they have less than 6.5G memory with three or more modules provisioned. If attempted, upgrades from 10.0.x display only an "upgrade failed" message as a software status. All other versions display a clear error message, referring you to SOL13988. To avoid an error, verify that you have only one or two modules provisioned if the managed device has less than 6.5G of memory before you upgrade.
ID 404179 If you remove a BIG-IP device as a LogIQ source device, Enterprise Manager attempts to edit the configuration of the device to stop logging. If this operation fails, that device continues to attempt to log to the index cluster. To resolve this issue, re-add the device as a LogIQ source device, and then remove it from the source device list.
ID 405736 Alerts for device configuration synchronization may not function as expected for managed BIG-IP devices running version 11.x. To verify the configuration synchronization status, log on to the managed device and view the Device Group properties screen for version 11.x-11.2.0 or the Overview screen for version 11.2.1 and later.

Legal notices

Contacting F5 Networks

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Fax: (206) 272-6802

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