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Manual: Platform Guide: Enterprise Manager 500

Original Publication Date: 12/06/2005

Table of Contents

Legal Notices

Introducing the Management Appliance Platform

Working with the Management Appliance platform

Getting started

Components provided with the Management Appliance

Peripheral hardware that you provide

Familiarizing yourself with the Management Appliance

Using the Management Appliance hardware

About this guide

Additional information

Stylistic conventions

Finding help and technical support resources

Installing the Management Appliance Platform

Installing and connecting the hardware

General recommendations for mounting a unit in a rack

Operating the LCD Panel

Introducing the LCD panel

Using the LCD panel

Pausing on a screen

Using LCD menus

Powering up the unit

Halting the unit

Powering down the unit

Rebooting the unit

Clearing alerts

Navigating through the LCD menus

Information menu

System menu

Screens menu

Options menu

Using Additional Management Appliance Functionality

Understanding LED behavior

LED indicator functions

LED indicator actions

Standard operating states

Alert conditions indicated by the LEDs

Specific alert conditions indicated by the LEDs

Working with interfaces

Displaying status and settings for interfaces

Media type and duplex mode

Working with Environmental Guidelines for the Management Appliance Platform

Environmental requirements

General environmental guidelines

Guidelines for DC-powered equipment

Reviewing Hardware Specifications

Reviewing hardware specifications

Enterprise Manager 500

Additional acoustic, airflow, and altitude specifications