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Manual: Enterprise Manager Administrator Guide, version 1.0

Original Publication Date: 12/06/2005

Table of Contents

Legal Notices

Introducing Enterprise Manager

Working with Enterprise Manager

Using Enterprise Manager features

Device discovery and grouping

Software and hotfix upgrades

Archiving and restoring device configurations

Monitoring the network and creating custom alerts

Monitoring certificate expiration dates

Auditing Enterprise Manager system events

Working with the Enterprise Manager interface

Navigating object list screens

Using General Properties screens

Using the Menu bar

Finding user assistance

Contents of the Administrator Guide

Stylistic conventions

Finding documentation and technical support resources

Installation and Setup

Installing Enterprise Manager in the network

Choosing a network topology

Working with different network configurations

Working with a NAT configuration

Working with a tiered network configuration

Working with a tiered configuration using SNAT

Licensing and Configuring the System

Setting up Enterprise Manager for the first time

Licensing the Enterprise Manager software using the Configuration utility

Creating the platform management configuration

Platform setup screen settings

Rerunning the Setup utility

Configuring the enterprise management network

Using the Basic Network Configuration wizard

Configuring Enterprise Manager defaults and preferences

Configuring Enterprise Manager as a high availability system

Changing the device refresh interval

Changing the device archive options

Setting alerting system options

Setting up SNMP options

Configuring internal email options

Managing user accounts

Working with the user list

Selecting the authentication source

Discovering and Managing Devices

Working with enterprise management features

Understanding device types

Discovering and adding devices

Discovering devices

Managing the refresh interval

Deleting devices from the device list

Performing basic device management

Setting device communication properties

Testing communications between devices and Enterprise Manager

Working with high availability systems

Rebooting managed devices remotely

Working with device groups

Managing Software Images

Managing software images

Working with the software repository

Installing software on managed devices

Working with multiple boot locations

Installing software on devices in a tiered configuration

Installing software on Enterprise Manager systems

Performing software version rollbacks

Installing software to one or more devices

Installing hotfixes to one or more devices

Monitoring software and hotfix tasks

Working with software upgrades on the task list

Cancelling pending tasks

Managing Device Configuration Archives

Working with device archives

Managing Enterprise Manager device archives

Managing rotating archives

Modifying or deleting configuration archives

Saving device configuration archives

Restoring device archives

Monitoring and Alerting

Monitoring device status

Understanding status icons in the device list

Monitoring management tasks

Using the task list

Working with the task properties screens

Configuring custom alerts

Setting up alert defaults

Configuring system alerts

Understanding the types of device alerts

Creating alerts for devices or device groups

Modifying or deleting alerts

Managing Device Certificates

Working with device certificates

Monitoring device certificates

Working with the certificate list screens

Creating alerts for certificate expiration

Auditing Enterprise Manager System Events

Working with Enterprise Manager system logging

Understanding the specific processes logged by the system

Understanding the differences in logging options

Enabling audit logging

Viewing system logs