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Manual Chapter: Dimension Tables Reference
Manual Chapter
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About dimension tables

Dimension tables contain object-specific details about the statistics for each managed device.

Device identification (perfmon_device)

The perfmon_device database table contains details about each managed device.

Field Type Null Value Allowed? Description
uid int unsigned NO Primary key
system_id varchar(128) NO Device identification
host_name varchar(128) NO Host name for the device
address varchar(64) NO IP address of the device
boot_location varchar(16) NO Current boot location
product_name varchar(128) NO Name of installed software
product_version varchar(64) NO Version of installed software
product_build_number varchar(32) NO Build number of installed software
ssl_total_tps int unsigned YES Licensed SSL transactions per minute
ssl_per_core varchar(16) YES Indicates if the SSL per core feature is licensed
appliance_sn varchar(64) YES Serial number of the device
platform varchar(16) YES Platform identification number
cpu_count int YES Number of CPU cores on the device

Device object identification (perfmon_device_object)

The perfmon_device_object database table contains identification details about the network objects associated with each managed device.

Field Type Null Value Allowed? Description
uid int unsigned NO Primary key
perfmon_device_uid int unsigned NO Foreign key on? perfmon_device.uid
name varchar(256) NO Uniquely identifies this object
perform_object_type enum? NO Type of object in the statistics table ( global,?chassis,?cpu,?cpu_info,?disk_space,?udp,?tcp,?http,?clientssl,?vip,?pool,?pool_member,?node)
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