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Manual Chapter: BIG-IQ Security Monitoring
Manual Chapter
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Monitor panel

The Monitor panel displays counters showing the number of times the system has executed a rule. The hostname is shown under the rule name. Under the hit count on the right, the type of rule is displayed:

  • global indicates a global rule.
  • rtdom indicates a route domain rule.
  • vip indicates a virtual server rule.
  • selfip indicates a self IP rule.
  • mgmt indicates a management rule.

Partition and IP address information appears for all types except global and management.

You can click the triangle under the header to toggle between the top 10 rules and the bottom 10 rules.

To reset all hit counts, click reset all hit counts. This line is displayed at the top of the panel. You can reset the hit count for an individual rule by hovering over the rule to display its specific reset control and then clicking that control.

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