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Manual Chapter: Additional Network Configuration Options
Manual Chapter
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About additional network configuration options

During the licensing and initial configuration procedures, you configure a single VLAN and associated self IP addresses. This is all the networking configuration required to start managing devices. However, if you find you need additional VLANs, the BIG-IQ system provides you with the ability to add them as required.

Configuring an additional VLAN

You must have licensed the BIG-IQ system before you can add a VLAN.
You have the option to configure an additional VLAN after you license and perform the initial configuration of the BIG-IQ system.
  1. At the top of the screen, click System > Networking. The Networking screen displays the VLANs and Self IPs panels.
  2. To add a new VLAN, hover over the VLANs panel and click the + sign when it appears.
  3. In the Name and Description fields, type a name and description to identify this new VLAN.
  4. From the Interface list, select the port that you want this VLAN to use.

    The interface is a physical or virtual port that you use to connect the BIG-IQ system to managed devices in your network.

  5. Click the Add button to save this VLAN.
  6. Hover on the Self IPs panel and click the + when it appears.
  7. In the Name and Address fields, type the name and the self IP address.
  8. From the VLAN list, select the VLAN to which you want to associate this self IP address.
  9. In the Description field, type a description to identify this self IP address.
  10. If you are configuring an additional VLAN for a BIG-IQ system in high availability (HA) cluster and you want to use this address for communication between the peers, select the Use for HA Peer Communication check box.
  11. Click the Add button to save this self IP address.
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