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Manual Chapter: BIG-IQ Cloud Overview
Manual Chapter
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Overview: BIG-IQ Cloud

As a cloud provider, you use BIG-IQ™ Cloud to customize F5 iApps®, supplying your tenants with self-service access to resources, including networks, servers, storage, applications, and services. This enables you to create one configuration for multiple users, reducing setup time while ensuring the accuracy of complex traffic management configurations. Tenants can access these optimized resources without having to perform complicated network tasks.

BIG-IQ Cloud also easily integrates with public cloud service providers, like Amazon EC2 or VMware vShield. Depending on the application requirements and traffic volume, you can use your local cloud resources, public cloud resources, or a hybrid of both. In this way, you can easily expand and reallocate resource as needed, without requiring you purchase more equipment.

Additional resources and documentation for BIG-IQ Cloud

You can access all of the following BIG-IQ system documentation from the AskF5 Knowledge Base located at

Document Description
BIG-IQ Systems: Getting Started Guides BIG-IQ Virtual Edition (VE) runs as a guest in a virtual environment using supported hypervisors. Each of these guides is specific to one of the hypervisor environments supported for the BIG-IQ system. The guides provide you with the basic concepts and tasks required to set up your virtual environment and perform initial configuration tasks required to start using the BIG-IQ system.
BIG-IQ Systems: Cloud Management This guide contains information to help you manage cloud resources, applications, and tenants.
Release notes Release notes contain information about the current software release, including a list of associated documentation, a summary of new features, enhancements, fixes, known issues, and available workarounds.
Solutions and Tech Notes Solutions are responses and resolutions to known issues. Tech Notes provide additional configuration instructions and how-to information.
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