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Manual Chapter: Local Cloud Resources
Manual Chapter
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About using a local cloud source

In addition to providing self-service resources to tenants remotely in a third party cloud, you can also provide them resources to local F5 devices in your network.

Associating a local cloud connector with a device

Before you associate a local cloud connector with a device, you must specify a DNS server for BIG-IQ Cloud and discover one or more devices.
To provide cloud tenant users with access to resources, you must configure a cloud connector. A cloud connector provides two services. First, you can use it to identify a specific set of resources, much like a virtual container, and second, it provides integration with third-party cloud services.
  1. Hover on the Connectors header and click the + icon when it appears.
  2. In the Name and Description fields, type a name and description. You can use the name and description to help you organize network resources into logical groups based on certain criteria, such as the location or application.
  3. From the Cloud Provider list, select Local Cloud.
  4. From the Devices list, select the device you want to associate with this connector.
  5. To select additional devices to associate with this connector, click the + icon at the right of the list.
  6. Click the Save button at the top of the New Connector header.
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