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Manual Chapter: Downloading the EUD Files
Manual Chapter
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Downloading the EUD Files

Deciding which files to download

There are several file types available from the F5® download site for the EUD.

File Name Description
IM file The IM file is a self-extracting installation file. You can scp this file directly to the VIPRION® system and use it to upgrade the EUD on the system or load a USB flash drive.
MD5 file There is a corresponding MD5 file for each IM file that you download. Use the MD5 file to verify the integrity of the file you download.
Readme-EUD.txt This file includes details about the release, such as supported platforms.

Determining the EUD version installed on the system

Perform this task before you download update files to determine the EUD version installed on your system, or to verify that the installation of a new version was successful.
To run the eud_info command and determine the EUD version installed on your system:
  1. Log on to the command line of the system using an account with root access.
  2. Verify the EUD version installed on your system.
The version number of the EUD installed on the system displays.

Downloading the EUD IM file from F5 Networks

We recommend that you obtain the latest version of the EUD that is supported on your platform from the F5® download site ( before you run these tests.
  1. Log on to and click Find a Download.
  2. In the Hardware-Specific area, click Platform / EUD.
  3. Select your platform from the list.
  4. Click the name of the release with the most recent date.
    You must accept the software terms and conditions before you can proceed.
  5. Click the file name <file_name>.im to start the download.
    The <file_name> consists of the platform family and the build number.
    Note: You should copy the IM file to /var/tmp on the system you intend to update.
  6. Download the corresponding checksum file.
    The corresponding checksum file has the same name as the IM file, except that .md5 is the file extension.
After the download is complete, you should verify the integrity of the file by checking the MD5 checksum.
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