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Manual Chapter: The End-User Diagnostic EUD
Manual Chapter
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The End-User Diagnostic (EUD)

About the End-User Diagnostic (EUD)

The End-User Diagnostic (EUD) is a compilation of tests for checking the integrity of F5® hardware. The EUD exists independently from the host software and is available as a separate download. You should run the EUD only when you are advised to by your F5 Support representative.

End-User Diagnostic Notes

You should not run these test tools on a system that is actively processing traffic in a production environment. These tests stop the unit and prevent it from processing traffic. Run this tool only if you are instructed to by an F5® Support representative or if you are verifying a hardware issue with a unit that is already removed from production.
Before you run these tests, you should disconnect all network cables from the system. Any cables connected to the system during the tests could cause false-positive results.
On the VIPRION® platform, you can only run one instance of the EUD at a time. You cannot start multiple instances in the chassis.
On the VIPRION platform, you must only run the EUD from the local console of the blade being tested.

Supported platforms

This table includes the platforms supported by this version of the EUD.

Platform name Platform ID
VIPRION® B4300 Blade A108
VIPRION B4340N Blade A110
VIPRION B4450 Blade A114
VIPRION 4480 Chassis J102, J103
VIPRION 4800 Chassis S100, S101
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