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Release Note: BIG-IP LTM version 9.0.1
Release Note

Software Release Date: 09/06/2004
Updated Date: 12/11/2013


This release note documents the version 9.0.1 feature release of BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager and Load Balancer Limited. To review the features introduced in this release, see New features and fixes in this release. For existing customers, you can apply the software upgrade to version 9.0. For information about installing the software, please refer to Installing the software.
Note: F5 now offers both feature releases and maintenance releases. For more information on our new release policies, please see New Versioning Schema for F5 Software Releases.


- Supported browsers
- Supported platforms
- Installing the software
- New features and fixes in this release
     - New features
     - Fixes in this release
- Known issues

Supported browsers


The Configuration utility (graphical user interface) supports the following browsers:

  • Microsoft® Internet ExplorerTM, version 6.x and later
  • Netscape® NavigatorTM, version 7.1, and other browsers built on the same engine, such as MozillaTM, FirefoxTM, and CaminoTM.
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Supported platforms

This release applies only to the supported platforms listed below; each one provides all minimum system requirements. This release supports the following platforms:

  • BIG-IP 1000 (D39)
  • BIG-IP 2400 (D44)
  • BIG-IP 5100 and 5110 (D51)
  • BIG-IP 1500 (C36)
  • BIG-IP 3400 (C62)
  • BIG-IP 6400 (D63)

If you are unsure which platform you have, look at the sticker on the back of the chassis to find the platform number.

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Installing the software

The following instructions explain how to install version 9.0.1 onto existing systems running version 9.0.

  1. Log on as root to the system to be upgraded .

  2. Create a temporary read-only memory file system (RAMFS) directory, using the following command:
    mkdir /var/ramfs

  3. Mount the file system by typing the following command:
    mount -t ramfs none /var/ramfs

  4. Change to the /var/ramfs directory by typing the following command:
    cd /var/ramfs

  5. Go to Downloads site and locate the BIG-IP 9.0.1 upgrade file,


  6. Download the file to the /var/ramfs directory on the target system.

    For details about downloading software images, refer to SOL167: Downloading software from F5 Networks.

  7. Install this upgrade by typing the following command:

    im /var/ramfs/

  8. Once the upgrade installation is complete, you must reboot the system by typing the following command:
    Rebooting the system finalizes the upgrade, and removes both the RAM file system and the upgrade package.
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New features and fixes in this release

This release includes the following new features and fixes.

New features

This release does not contain any new features.

Fixes in this release

This release includes the following fixes.

ZLib compression library vulnerability (VU#238678)
We corrected a denial of service vulnerability that was found in the ZLib compression library versions 1.2.x. The problem arose from incorrect error handling in the inflate() and inflateBack() functions. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) project assigned the ID CAN-2004-0797 to the problem.

Connection mirroring (CR39548, CR39779, CR39892, CR39894, CR39895, CR39905)
Connection mirroring is fully implemented in this release.

SSL records that straddle packets may destabilize the system (CR40119)
Overlapping SSL records no longer destabilize the system.

bigpipe daemon overdog watchdog disable command writing to bigip.conf correctly (CR40117)
The bigpipe daemon overdog watchdog disable command now handles default settings correctly when writing to the bigip.conf.

Client certificate LDAP authentication and start_tls failure (CR38967)
Client certificate LDAP authentication now handles start_tls failures correctly.

LACP support (CR39872, CR39554)
Link aggregation control protocol (LACP) is fully supported in this release.

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Known issues

This note describes the issues corrected by the 9.0.1 release. For a complete list of known issues in this release, refer to the BIG-IP version 9.0 Release Notes .

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