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Manual Chapter: Installing the VIPRION Platform
Manual Chapter
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This chapter includes some general information about installing the VIPRION chassis. However, for details about installing the VIPRION chassis, refer to the Setting up the VIPRION Platform guide. This guide includes detailed information, including:
Note: We highly recommend that you install the VIPRION platform into a rack before you install any blades. This ensures that the weight of the unit remains manageable as you install the unit into a rack.
We recommend that all chassis have 1U spacing between them when mounted in a rack to allow for a rack mounting shelf, and to provide additional air circulation for cooling the chassis.
Although not required, a 1U space between chassis makes it easier for you to remove the chassis from the rack in the event that the unit requires service. A 1U space between units also provides additional cable routing options.
We recommend 100 mm spacing from the front panel of the unit to the rack front or rack door. This provides enough room for you to route the cables without bending them excessively.
Warning: This product is sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). We recommend that when you install or maintain the unit, you use proper ESD grounding procedures and equipment.
Warning: Do not turn on an VIPRION platform until the management serial console and/or the management network is connected to the unit.
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