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Manual Chapter: Updating a BIG-IP VE Virtual Machine
Manual Chapter
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About updates to the BIG-IP VE virtual machine

BIG-IP® VE updates within the same major version are installed in the same manner as updates to BIG-IP software already installed on BIG-IP hardware. You do not need to reinstall BIG-IP VE in the hypervisor guest environment to upgrade your system. To update a BIG-IP VE virtual machine, you can use the Software Management tool in the Configuration utility, or you can upgrade the software from the command line. The update procedure described in this guide uses the Software Management tool.

Downloading or importing a BIG-IP VE update

To install an update, BIG-IP software needs access to the ISO file. You can either download the ISO file using a script or the command line; or, you can import the file with the user interface.

  1. In a browser, open the F5 Downloads page (
  2. Download the version's base ISO file, such as , and its associated MD5 checksum file.
    Important: If you are installing a hotfix, you must import the ISO for the base version of the hotfix before you can successfully import and install a hotfix update. For installation, you select only the hotfix image, but the base version of the hotfix must be in place before the hotfix can be applied to BIG-IP VE. .
  3. Download the update ISO file, such as Hotfix-BIGIP-11.1.1-511.0-HF3.iso, and its associated MD5 checksum file.
    Attention: Before you perform the installation, F5 recommends testing the integrity of the ISO files to verify that you have downloaded clean copies. Use an MD5 verification program to ensure that the downloaded ISO files checksums match the values in their corresponding MD5 files.
  4. On the Main tab, click System > Software Management. The Software Management Image List screen opens.
  5. At the right side of the screen, click Import. The New Image screen opens.
  6. Click Browse to navigate to the downloaded installation file.
  7. When the image name appears in the Software Image field, click Import to begin the operation.
    Important: If you navigate away from this screen before the operation completes, the system might not import the image successfully. Therefore, F5 recommends that you wait for the operation to complete before continuing with any other work on the BIG-IP VE system.
    The system presents a progress indicator during the operation.

Installing a BIG-IP VE update

After you download the software installation image and import the software image to the /shared/images directory on the BIG-IP® VE system, you can initiate the installation operation. The destination you specify for installation must represent a hard drive volume or partition on the BIG-IP system.
  1. On the Main tab of the navigation pane, click System > Software Management. The Software Management Image List screen opens.
  2. From the Available Images table, select the software image you want to install. The image properties screen opens.
  3. Click Install. The Install Software screen opens.
  4. Select the disk you want to install the image on, and type or select a volume name, and click Install. The upgrade process installs the software on the inactive disk location that you specify. This process usually takes between three and ten minutes.
    Tip: If there is a problem during installation, you can use log messages to troubleshoot a solution. The system stores the installation log file as /var/log/liveinstall.log.
    The software image is installed.

Rebooting after a BIG-IP VE update

When the installation operation is complete, you can safely reboot into the newly installed volume or partition.

  1. On the Main tab of the navigation pane, click System > Software Management. The Software Management Image List screen opens.
  2. On the menu bar, click Boot Locations. The Boot Locations screen opens.
  3. In the Boot Location column, click the link representing the boot location you want to activate. The properties screen for the boot location opens.
  4. Click Activate. A confirmation screen opens.
  5. Click OK to initiate the reboot operation. The system presents progress messages during the restart operation.
When the BIG-IP® VE system reboot is complete, the system presents the login screen. To configure the system, log in using an account that has administrative permissions.
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