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Manual Chapter: Understanding vCMP Hosts
Manual Chapter
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The vCMP host is the system-wide hypervisor that allows you to create, view, and manage vCMP guests on the system. The vCMP host also allocates system resources to each guest when the guest moves to the Provisioned state.

When you initially log in to the system using its management IP address, you are accessing the vCMP host.

About vCMP host configuration

After you have run the BIG-IP® Setup utility to activate the vCMP license, provision the system for vCMP, and configure the base network, you can configure the vCMP host. vCMP host configuration encompasses these activities:

  • Creating additional VLANs for guests if needed
  • Creating, provisioning, and deploying vCMP guests
  • Managing virtual disks
Note: To manage a vCMP system, you must have the Administrator user role assigned to your user account.
Important: When logged in to the vCMP host, do not configure BIG-IP module features, such as BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager™ virtual servers, pools, and profiles. You should use the vCMP host to create and manage vCMP guests and to perform Layer 2 network configuration only. Attempting to configure BIG-IP modules while logged in to the vCMP host can produce unexpected results. Always log in to the relevant vCMP guest before you configure the features of a BIG-IP module.

Redundancy considerations

Using device groups and traffic groups, you can configure configuration synchronization and failover on a vCMP system. Please note the following:

  • Device group members should be guests, not vCMP hosts. Configuring redundancy between or among vCMP hosts could produce unexpected results.
  • For Sync-Failover device groups, each device group member must run on a chassis separate from the other members.
  • The maximum supported size of a Sync-Failover device group is eight members.
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