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Manual Chapter: Understanding vCMP Hosts
Manual Chapter
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Overview: Managing vCMP hosts

With vCMP® initial setup successfully completed to process application traffic, you will likely want to manage the configuration of the vCMP host to optimize performance.

The vCMP host is the system-wide hypervisor that makes it possible for you to create, view, and manage all guests on the system. A vCMP host allocates system resources to guests as needed.

vCMP host configuration encompasses these activities:

  • Viewing host properties
  • Creating additional VLANs for guests if needed
  • Adding additional vCMP guests
  • Managing application volumes
Note: To manage a vCMP system, you must have the Administrator user role assigned to your user account.
Important: Do not configure BIG-IP® module features (such as BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager™ virtual servers, pools, and profiles) when logged in to the vCMP host. Use the vCMP host to create and manage vCMP guests and to perform Layer 2 network configuration only. Attempting to configure BIG-IP modules while logged in to the vCMP host produces unwanted results. Always log in to the relevant vCMP guest to configure the features of a BIG-IP module.

Viewing host properties for slots

You must have created at least one vCMP® guest on the system to view host properties.

Use the BIG-IP® Configuration utility to view the host properties for all slots on the system or for a single slot. The host properties that you can view are:

  • The state of each guest
  • The slot numbers on which each guest runs
  • The number of CPU cores allocated to each guest
  1. Use a browser to log in to the management IP address of the VIPRION® chassis or appliance. This logs you in to the vCMP® host.
  2. On the Main tab, click vCMP > Host Properties.
  3. View host properties for all slots, or in the upper right corner of the screen, from the View list, select a slot number.
The screen displays the host properties for the chosen slots.

vCMP host properties

This topic describes the vCMP® host properties on the BIG-IP® system.

Property Name Value Description
State Configured, Provisioned, or Deployed The state of the named guest.
On Slots One or more numeric values in the range of 1 through 4. The slot numbers pertaining to each guest.
Number of Cores A numeric value The number of CPU cores currently allocated to the named guest.
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