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Manual Chapter: Guidelines for DC Power in 1500 and 3400
Manual Chapter
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The 1500 and 3400 series platforms are available with DC power supplies. This chapter describes how to install these platforms.
Warning: Before you begin to work with one of these platforms, refer to the environmental warnings provided in Chapter 8, Working with Environmental Guidelines for the IP Application Switch Platform. In particular, please review the Guidelines for DC-powered equipment. You should also review any safety requirements defined by your network operations center (NOC).
There are detailed guidelines for installing the platform in a rack described in Chapter 2, Installing the IP Application Switch Platform. Please follow the guidelines described in Chapter 2 when you install a 1500 or 3400 DC powered unit in a rack.
This power supply does not have an on/off switch. You can control the power from the rack switch or the DC power source.
After the platform is installed in a rack, you can wire the platform to the DC power source. When you connect the DC power source, F5 Networks recommends that you follow the safety requirements defined for your network operations center (NOC).
Figure 7.1, shows the terminal layout of the DC power supply terminal block on the back of the platform.
After you are sure the power is off, connect the ground wire to the G terminal. This step may be optional with some DC power sources. In Figure 7.1, number 1 is the ground terminal.
After you connect the ground wire, connect the negative DC power lead to the -48V terminal on the terminal block. Number 2 in Figure 7.1, is the power terminal.
Next, connect the positive DC wire to the O terminal on the terminal block. Number 3 in Figure 7.1, is the positive terminal (+).
After you turn on the DC power source, press the Check button on the LCD to begin booting the system. For additional information on using the LCD panel, see Introducing the LCD panel.
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