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Manual Chapter: Platform Diagnostics platform_diag Tests
Manual Chapter
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Platform Diagnostics platform_diag Tests

Checking the hardware accelerator

Use the platform_diag test to check the hardware SSL and compression accelerators installed in the system.
Warning: This test stops system daemons using bigstart stop, stops traffic to the system, and might disable some network interfaces.
  1. Log on to the command line of the system using an account with root access.
  2. Check the integrity of the SSL and compression accelerator hardware installed in the system.
    Note: This command could take a while to complete. You can run bigstart status to see the status of each of the default services. For more information on the bigstart command, see the bigstart manpage.
If the output is PASS, the SSL and compression hardware passed the test. If the output is FAIL, you should consider taking the system out of production to run the End-User Diagnostic (EUD) tests.
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