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Manual Chapter: Getting Started with BIG-IP Virtual Edition on Hyper-V
Manual Chapter
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Steps to deploy BIG-IP VE

To deploy the BIG-IP® Virtual Edition (VE) system on Hyper-V, you will perform these tasks.
Step Details
1 Choose the license you want to buy, the BIG-IP VE modules you want, and the throughput you need. See SOL14810: Overview of BIG-IP® VE license and throughput limits on the AskF5™ Knowledge Base ( for details.
2 Confirm that you are running a hypervisor version that is compatible with a BIG-IP VE release. See Virtual Edition and Supported Hypervisors Matrix on for details.
3 Verify that the host hardware meets the recommended requirements.
4 Download a BIG-IP VE image and deploy it.
5 Assign a management IP address to the virtual machine.
After you complete these tasks, you can log in to the BIG-IP VE system and run the Setup utility to perform basic network configuration.
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