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Manual Chapter: iApps Overview
Manual Chapter
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What is iApps?

iApps is the BIG-IP system framework for deploying services-based, template-driven configurations on BIG-IP systems running TMOS 11.0.0 and later. iApps allows creation of application-centric configuration interfaces on BIG-IP systems, reducing configuration time and increasing accuracy of complex traffic management configurations.

Important: Because objects that are initially configured by an iApps template can very difficult to change, there are configuration objects that are good to include in your iApps templates, and others that are good practice to exclude. In general, avoid elements that you configure using the BIG-IP System options. Examples of configuration objects that are good to include in iApps templates are:
  • pool members
  • virtual servers
  • health monitors
  • profiles

About version 10 template incompatibility

BIG-IP version 10 introduced F5 Networks-supplied templates to perform common application-specific configuration tasks. iApps has replaced the version 10 templates with an expanded set of iApps templates that can be copied, customized, and shared but are not compatible.
Important: If you are upgrading from a 10.x version of BIG-IP to version 11, you will have to reenter the 10.x template data in a similar template on the version 11 iApp template.
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