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Manual Chapter: Additional Information
Manual Chapter
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Additional Information

fipskey.nethsm utility options

The fipskey.nethsm utility includes these options:

Option Description
-o Name applied to .key, .csr, and .crt output files
Important: This parameter is required.
-c [token | module | softcard] Type of protection (default value is token)
-e [hex] Public exponent to use when generating RSA keys only.
Note: Do not provide a value for this option, unless advised to do so by F5® Technical Support.
-g [sha1] Digest used to sign key and certificate
-k [name] Key name
-m [yes | no] Store key in non-volatile RAM
-n [integer] Slot number to read cards from
Note: Not designed to work with the Thales HSM devices.
-r [yes | no] Key recovery available
-s [integer] Size of key/certificate pair (in bits)
-t [RSA] Key type
-v [yes | no] Verification available
-C Country identifier
-D Domain name
-E Email address for key contact
-L Locality identifier
-N Substitute alternative name
Note: Applies only to SafeNet Luna HSM.
-O Organization identifier
-P Province identifier
-U Organization unit identifier utility options

The utility includes these options:

Option Description
-h Display help
-v Verbose output
--hsm_ip_addr=<ip_addr> SafeNet Luna SA HSM IP address
--hsm_username=<user_name> SafeNet Luna SA HSM user name. Default is admin.
--interface=<interface_name> BIG-IP system interface used to communicate with the SafeNet Luna SA HSM. Default is the management interface.
--client_ip_addr=<client_ip_addr> IP address of the BIG-IP system, as seen by the SafeNet Luna SA HSM
--hsm_password=<password> SafeNet Luna SA HSM partition password
--image=<image_name> SafeNet Luna SA tarball to be installed (for example, Luna_5.1_Client_Software.tar). This file must be stored on the BIG-IP system in /shared/safenet_install.
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